Dammit this town is dead

Everybody shops online or goes to Terrace,the only thing that’s booming is The Liquor Wharehouse where they routinely allow people all ready drunk to buy more booze and then stumble across the 4 lane highway nearly getting themselves ran over by several cars ,including my car .

When I was first in Rupert (20 years ago!), that’s literally the same thing people said back then.

Nobody shops local, they all go to Terrace. And online.

Yup. It’s a fact of life here. Local brick and mortar businesses cannot compete with on-line shopping.

I try to shop local as much as I can. Unfortunately, there is often no other option. Lots of times I’ll even pay more to shop local, but if there’s no place to buy it… I mean I looked everywhere for something simple like dried cherries to bake with. I couldn’t find them anywhere. You know where I found them? Amazon.

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They often can’t compete on price. There are other ways that they can compete… and win. They just choose not to.

It’s sad I know ,it’s like this even in bigger cities,I know people want to save money shopping online ,it’s just sad to know though that people in retail are losing jobs over it.Such is progress.

It is definitely like this in bigger cities. Even ones with multiple Costco stores, etc.

If you can find it at a cheaper price online, and you’re not in a hurry, then why go through the trouble?

Goods and services cost more here. A ‘Northern Living Tax’ one might say.:smile:The price of breathing fresh air, reduced traffic, lower housing costs.

I don’t blame those folks (who are on a budget) to look for the cheapest place in the world to buy what they’re looking for, but this trend comes at a price.

Retail is a tough gig. I try to keep my money in the North, even if I’m forced to pay 5-10% more.
Having said that, I do have an Amazon acct.


Try driving 2 hours to Prince George to find out they don’t have what you’re looking for either. Huge selections of size 8 work boots and Men’s Small work clothes.
Big Box outfits with pictures of items “they can order it for you”.
Every big supermarket has a bakery, none half as good as Safeway in Terrace.

I see more people in Fort St. James leaving the Post Office with boxes of online goods than from all other retail shops combined.


Personally I shop online all the time. However, wherever possible, I buy local!


Yep, had to check out Black Friday at the Red Apple…

BF got my 100 bucks.
( sighing and shaking head)
Still human.

My wife keeps Amazon in the black.

2 hours ?How fast do you drive bro?

I once asked a store owner,who is there biggest competition… she said…the Salvation Army… I laughed till she said she was serious.And thinking about it,she is right ,it’s amazing some of the stuff you can find there.