DAily News Readers Choice Awards for 2009

The Daily published it’s reader’s choice insert this friday, so whatcha all think of the selections of those of our Podunkians who took the time to vote and or stuff ballot boxes…

Was surprised to see htmf toppled from the best local website category with the city’s website princerupert.ca claiming that honour, can only imagine that they have a healthy subscriber base at City Hall that regularly receive their papers :imp:

Other than Creaking Door and I, one wonders how many people check out the city site and what they are looking for when they do?

Weigh in with your surprises and or agreements on the various categories…

Doesn’t mean much even if all 10 subscribers voted.  :imp:

Anyone who reads the Daily News on paper probably doesn’t know the internet exists. 


I think it’s time to visit this link again: bit.ly/rkpkW

That is great Mig. I am soo amaze when I look at your work or your clowning around. I pass a laugh for dat.

I read the daily in paper form…

I agree.  :smiley:  Heh-heh.

Does the Daily News not provide certificates for the awards anymore?  I know a few people who have won, but never received anything.  I only see the old certificates in the store windows? Seems strange to not receive something, even if it’s a piece of paper they can show off. 

ive seen the new ones