D Link wireless

I set up a little D-link wireless at the office of a local mill last week and friday the wireless network couldn’t see the internal network It was there when I went home Thurs. I did notice there were other computers showing, but all were other wireless networked computers on other links. The hardwired servers weren’t available.
My brain hurt too much to figure it out then…

Everything is on the same workgroup [sadly named workgroup]… I’m thinking RTFM and look for bridging setup on the Dlink… wasn’t apparent…

any ideas?

instead of bridging it why not just put the cable that is in the wan plug into the lan plug and turn off dhcp. then set them computers to the same set of ip’s that the wired ones are… i do that all the time when i take m base station with me to places…

i would say doh!

but they have me on a special project, unbeknownst of their current tech who won’t run dhcp when he can dole out IPs and act important…

i already ran an ipscan and chose an unused range in case I do that while i rtfm…

A month later… I’m still having same problem, the mill tech switched the laptops to Windows 2000 and lost their access to the workgroup on the WAN port! So he put in a second wireless card thinking that would help, and they called me to unF***it up it next week.
I’m trying to solve the same problem now at work. The wireless router gets fed internet thru the WAN port, off a router. When I bring in my laptop it surfs, but can’t see the workgroup on the WAN. I don’t care if they can’t see me, but I’d like to share files with them.
RTFM for the dlink says nothing about this. Net searches show it is a common problem with 802.11B older.


looked bright, but still don’t work. still can’t say the trouble is the Dlink wireless router or my system settings. Ideas?

what is on the other side of the lan port a adsl or a hub/ switch to a network. ?

message me on msn… if your still on…


don’t have msn: icq 22375024
the WAN is a hub on my office router, private 172.xxx.xxx.xxx settings. The DLink defines the LAN as it’s own 192.168.xxx.xxx settings. I can ping the damn things but can’t see the shared folders or locate them on the workgroup from the laptop.

Er as far as I know Windows file sharing cant be routed… so looks like thats what your problem is. can the computers on the lan/wan port see eachother?
If so that appears to be your problem… Unless Microsoft improved it without telling me?

Sure it can. It was the old netbeui protocol that couldn’t route. File sharing was on top of that. But since about 6 or 7 years ago, it’s been on TCP/IP, which is definitely routable.

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]don’t have msn: icq 22375024
the WAN is a hub on my office router, private 172.xxx.xxx.xxx settings. The DLink defines the LAN as it’s own 192.168.xxx.xxx settings. I can ping the damn things but can’t see the shared folders or locate them on the workgroup from the laptop.[/quote]

Did you try the sharing wizard? you should try that. Its called Setup a Home or OLffice network.

yeah, the systems came with XP and originally I didn’t even do that. They were just there… they switched everything to 2000 and the only sharing you could see were computers on other wireless legs. THe hardwired workgroup computers dissappeared.
I’m about to try jleaman’s suggestion of setting the wireless router as a hub rather than a router. It’s undocumented in the mans, I’ll post results this aft.

My idea will work perfectly for you…

yes they do. i concede to thine great wisdom. haven’t tried the DHCP within a proscribed range thing yet…
You don’t have a great opinion of Dink, what about SMC stuff? Sales dept at SMC wants to loan me stuff for assessment, i always say yes to free stuff! even if you have to give it back someday!
Going to pump my Cisco rep for same offer!

I have had 4 routers… being a dlink smc usr and Linksys.

the best one that i have ever had was the smc. the worst being the dlink…

Best range best support and best installation. my smc i put over in the nabours appt about 4 appts over and i tried this with all of them and the smc gave me the best performance too… also my smc one had built in usb support too… It was nice box… If i had to buy another it would defiantly be the smc one… or any smc brand… Never a dlink.

What’s wrong with D-Link?

The Dinks were 60cts cheaper :laughing:
Using a 15db grid w a Nconnector-SMA on a $69 Dink pointed out my window, go to gf’s house about 1/2 block away and surf with my ASUS card w flipup rubber ducky antenna. The wavelan with no antenna works too (not as good).
But same networking problem… wireless laptop cant see desktop over the system, unless I use your patented solution and waste 2 IPs…
BTW it scatters so much signal I can see the interference on my big wireless’ MRTG several channels away!

i don’t get it your not wasting any ip’s how do you think that. ?

Simple you plug the internal network cable from a port off the hub into the port 1234 on the wireless hub… you set all the wireless devices pda’s laptops desktop’s to the same range as the other computers… how hard is that. ? simple and it works perfect…

Dlink is shit there range sux and they are easy to hack.

that’s what i’m gonna do tomorrow. but at home i don’t want to use that range at all

then what are you talking about with this using another ip. ?

ok… at home i have 1 static IP, want to hook wireless laptop in. So can’t use IP in same range, someone else may be using it. If I use DHCP has to be in a different range, which we know doesn’t share the workgroup.
So I’m looking at other routers

what does your home network have to do with your work network… i told you how to do this with the redhat box at work too… just enable dhcp the… but let the redhat box hand out the ip’s not the dink box…