Cuts at Northern Health

Lots of talk about the cuts within Northern Health Care, front line staff have been given their walking papers, down to 2 nurses in the ER from 3 on the night shift. no travel no OT, the Health Heart Program is moving back to the hospital(4th floor) doesn’t appear that many management positions have been cut.  Lots of renos AGAIN … the heart program just opened about 18 months ago or so all that current space was redone ; bet the taxpayers paid for that one … the costs that Northern Health pays to keep on renovating the hospital is insane … more offices … less beds/services seems to be the story of the day.

Where did you find this troubling info Maxwell? I am part of the Healthy Heart Program and no one there has mentioned anything about moving whatsoever. When you say “No Travel”, is that referring to patients who need an escort when they have to visit a Doctor down south as I had heard rumours of that possibility.  As for the ER nurses, aren’t those the busiest hours in the hospital, how could they be so stupid as to cut back any nurses, let alone that shift.  Sucks, as always !! 

Hi Codybear93 I heard that from another hospital employee at a gathering last night. The travel is for staff I think  but not sure.  Most of the employees are encouraged to use the NH bus for travel … but the bosses still fly??? Some things make sense … and then others are totally out there.

Gee Councillor Payne must just be living high on the old hog, she travels free on lol…excuse me city business and from nurse to  lol…excuse me again to CEO. and can’t get my results from Terrace re my last tests.

I guess that is always the way maxwell…Some things make sense and some don’t !!  I had heard though that they were planning to cut back on the travel program for those needing escorts which really is senseless in our neck of the woods. Patients who need support up here don’t have the luxury of their family taking a bus or driving in to the city to visit or stay with them. They rely on that program to allow someone to go with them. It seems these cut backs always hit the northwest…Unfair, I say  :imp:

What travel assistance is there aside from TAPS and the BC ferries and the NH bus?
TAPS covers air fare for an escort if the doctor says it is necessary.
I haven’t used it since 2007, and then it was only a few dollars off the regular fare, but it was an open ticket with an unspecified return date at no extra charge. Jazz didn’t participate in this program so Hawk Air was the only choice. (And I have to add, a much superior airline in every way!)
As far as I know BC Ferries if free for medical travel. You must pay for a vehicle and stateroom if needed. then you have to pay your own way down Island. TAPS is a Provincial program and not specific to Norther Health.
As far as the reduction in ER staff, if it is true, it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!
In last nights PRDN Ms Gordon-Payne is quoted as saying that Northern Health’s focus is providing care to the 6,000 people in the area that don’t have a doctor. Is that done by laying off ER nurses?

I think we might be referring to the Ministry and how they are cutting back on assisting people who need escorts. I know a friend of mine needed an escort to accompany him to the eye doc in Terrace but he was turned down even though the eye doc here requested it and then he couldn’t go because the bus schedule didn’t sync with his appointment and so and so on. As far as the Nurses cut back, that just plain sucks and is usual for Rupert, the average every day Joe will suffer, certainly not the Gordon-Paynes of the town. :imp:

In all fairness Sheila although the HSA does not make the decisions as to cuts etc, I think this it all done in Prince George … where I bet they won’t have the cuts like the rest of Northern Health.  It is my thought that if it doesn’t happen in PG … it doesn’t matter.

I would be surprised to see Ms. Payne go to bat for the nurses or any other staff, know how much many of the staff who did not enjoy being around her when she was playing Florence NightenPale, then when she became Lol…excuse me CEO. I would be surprised if Jacko has thought of doing some letter from council.

It is worrisome that redudcing the front line staff like the nurses … is going to make the wait at ER even more ugly.  4000 or so people who don’t have a Dr use the ER for RX refills and such.  It should really be done like they do in Asia ( Japan specificially) when cuts are made . it is made the the managers/CEOS down not just the front line people.  There is WAY TOO MUCH MANAGEMENT within Northern Health … some that I know make in close to $100,000 … yet no one is really sure what he does. I would love to make that much and not have to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Sad thing is I don’t think it is done yet this is only the beginning.

As far as I know, they are also looking at cutting back the hours that the front reception desk is staffed. This would mean that the ER nurses would also have to act as reception and fill out the paperwork for anyone coming in. Currently, I believe the front desk is only vacant between 2:00am and 6:00am.

This is very sad seeing what our government is being allowed to do with us citizens who have allowed them Liberals back in, where they can just move us around like we were useless chess pieces. I would like to see some form of protest or demonstration take place and very soon. When and where are they going to stop? If we are in such a situation then is it not the faults of the Minister responsible and then the CEOs. Can anybody imagine what we will be faced with after the Dog and Pony Games in Feb.10?
Is it not up to the five council members and Jacko to go to bat for us in Victoria. I only mentioned five because Ms. Payne will have to excuse herself from that vote see she is a LOL  excuse me CEO and she will walk away smelling all pretty no matter what. I think we must take a stand first at city hall demanding that they start thinking and standing up for its citizens and then to the hospital where we are sure to get other voices.

Council going to bat for us?  I am laughing so hard, funniest thing I have heard in a Loooooooooong time…Thank you Mr.Case  :smiley:  :smiley:  :smiley:

It is good for a laugh but in other towns,cities I believe that is what most elected people would do. Are they not put in there by the votes of citizens, are they not there to represent Justin Case,Mig,Eso and others? He does have a point with what he did post and I feel even though he does get into losing his cool sometimes, I am sure he has the interest of the community and especially when it come to social issues.