Current reading pile?

I always like to hear about new or old-but-interesting books I might like to read. To that end, might some of you like to share what you are currently reading or are about to read, for those who might find something to tempt their inner bookworm?

My list-

  1. CJ Cherryh’s “Rimrunners” (one of my fave SF writers, old but good)

  2. Caroline Graham’s “A Ghost in the Machine”

  3. Angela Murrills’s “Hot Sun, Cool Shadow” (food,history and mystery of the Languedoc)

  4. edited by Hugh J.M. Johnston, “The Pacific Province-A History of British Columbia”

  5. Corrado Augias’ “The Secrets of Rome, Love and Death in the Eternal City” (gotta live vicariously!)

  6. edited by Paul Bailey, “The Oxford Book of London”. (writers examine the city at the heart of the former British Empire)

and last but most certainly not the least, the book my husband so kindly bought for my birthday-

  1. Scott McCloud’s “Zot! 1987-1991, The Complete Black and White Collection” ( I have to hide this under our mattress otherwise the kids would take off with it. I still own the original series but this comes complete with his notes about the “classic retrofit of the postwar comics gestalt”-William Gibson. I felt like a giddy schoolgirl when I saw it on the bookstore’s shelf and of course just had to have it.  :smiley:

I loved the CJ Cherryh books :smile:

Im in a fluff mode at the moment…

the time travelers wife…belong to me…and currently reading Jodi Picoult’s new book change of heart

I loved “The Time Traveller’s Wife”-recommended it to my friends and family, my sister loved it so much she bought copies for all of her friends… :smile:

Check out Carlos Castaneda’s “A separate reality”. Controversial but fascinating, read all of his books as a teen, loved them.