Curious Visitor

Hello People.
I am originaly from Farther south, “the vancouver region” but have been moving around allot. My family settled in Alberta and i have been stuck here in brown flatland for almost 10 years.
Now This summer my family and i are visiting prince rupert for a few days to see what its like farther north. Iv been researching your town for a while now and have become increasingly curious of it.
I really miss British columbia and have been wanting to go home forever now.
i dont really care weather or not theres allot of development going on, i only care about
the ocean and the land.
I am something of a Oceanic nut and Culture Jellyfish and other pelagic organisms as a hobby. Its been especialy difficult to do this where i live and need to have delicate livestock
shipped into alberta.  Id really like the chance to live near the ocean to have a better method of obtaining these livestocks.
Anyway id just like to ask some qustions about the area.
whats the Average seawater Temperature in rupert?
What Types of Pelagic organisms Apear in your waters/shores?
What Encrusting Fauna do you have in the region?
Iv been trying to Research the subject but with little success.
And also whats the kinds of things have you got do around rupert?, I mean besides things you could do anywhere, such as drinking.
*now before you mention Any kind of laws about collecting wildlife, i must mention my intrest is purely in animals such as Moon jellies and other such pelagic life.

Do you have a gallery of pictures of your jellyfish cultures?  That would be cool to see.

Yikes, Encrusting Fauna , we rarely talk about them in civilized conversations…

Short of one of our marine biology students logging on and sharing data with you, maybe give these guys a call or drop them a line.

Northern Laboratories Ltd.
251 Kaien Rd
Prince Rupert BC,

Phone: 250-627-1906
Fax: 250-627-8214

They might be able to help or at least steer you in the right direction…

Actually if you have an interest in all of that stuff, this may be your place, the college offers what I understand is a pretty decent course on Applied Coastal Ecology. You may want to contact them as well for any information or to sign up for courses…

Though we can tell you that our Pelagic organisms  are to die for… :wink:

sadly i havent got any pictures, but i like using pieces of Eggcrate to Grow Polyps in a psudo kreisel. then transfering the juviniles to a larger Kreisel.
I think screens probably work better though.
So you have a Marine Lab there??? If so that would be most facinating.

So to die for eh? so im gussing theres an abundance around the island?

LOL, well truth be told, I wouldn’t know a Pelagic organism if I stepped on one, and there’s a very good chance I may have done that I guess…

At any rate, the fine and verbose crew of htmfers I’m sure will be quick on the research trail for you with many details and tales…

Hope you enjoy your visit should you wander our way… :smiley:   

Average ocean temps?  6-7 degrees celcius I believe.  If someone disagrees please correct me. 

As for what type of pelagic organisms do you mean only Jellyfish (Phlyum Cnidaria) or are you interested in all types of pelagic organisms? 

Around Rupert there actually is a fair bit to choose from: dirt biking and quadding, snowmobiling, paintball, kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, target shooting, rock climbing, photography, offroading.  These are all examples of stuff that a lot of people do around here, so don’t let the nay-sayers scare you.  The weather can often put a damper on things but raingear isn’t too expensive, right? 

I am interested in all Pelagics yes.
In particlar the Cnidarians of course.
i asked the qustion about the sea temp because im not actualy very familar with the regional temperatures. I usualy work within tropical reef temperatures except with my
Aurelia tank. in the case of my Hydroid experiments i kept it at reef temp 27C range because that would have been likely the temperature range the liverock the hydroids came on were collected in.
so what kinds of Sessile Cnidarians Live around there?
And what kinds of Pelagic Cnidaria?

You may want to check this site too:
It’s the local office of the world wildlife fund, they may be able to answer some of your questions…