CSS Background

Hi guys, I don’t know if anyone who posts here has any experience with CSS, but I gots a question.

I’m trying to have CSS display a background that is repeated in the x-direction. Here’s the code I’m using:

<style type="text/css">
background-repeat: repeat-x

It has to display in Safari, by the way. I’ve seen the same sort of script work on Safari browsers, though.

That seems to work for me. Are you having a problem with it?

I think you need to put in some actual content before it will render.

menino.com/temp is an example of your code. Works fine on Safari and Firefox.

can you test this for me?

I don’t know any Mac people at home today. There’s a green java menu on the left that will not show with Konqueror, but it’s ok with anything else I tried.
It behooves as to why but who uses Konqueror anyway?

(it’s also a compressed page)

Works with Safari.

thx. I guess I need another reason to talk my partners into a G5, huh?
The print shop, we ‘need’ it for the print shop, heh heh…

Yeah, no background is even showing for me, which is a pain. I’m using it in a JSP though, and I’m using an external .css file so that may be the problem. The weird thing is, the other attributes from the CSS are being used properly.

And if you go to menino.com/temp you don’t see the background?

I see your background…

I have my code in an external .css file and that seems to be the problem.

And how are you calling it? Can you give us a URL to look at?

I’ve just moved the CSS to an external file, and it still seems to be working fine in safari. menino.com/temp

Perhaps it’s just a path thing? Is the background really in a directory called images?

what’s your index page header code? or try copy & paste the css code section to another spot on your style sheet.