Cruise Ships

Does anyone else go down there when they come in? … Or is doing so something only newcomers to PR do and as such, something that quickly wears off for most? hehe…

Anyhow, I certainly do. What a beautiful day!

I snagged one today (Well, more than one, am only posting one, though. Hoping others perhaps caught a snap of it, too?)

And the URL for full-view (if you desire :smiley: ):

Thanks for peeking!

It’s all about the weather and today proved the sun can indeed shine down on Rupert :smiley: When it rains, different story, the ship is there, in the harbour, yeah!! My fella and I had a great day, eating ice cream, walking the dog, people watching and just enjoying quality time on a day off…Beautiful shot by the way…Wait til October when they depart and the ship is ablaze with its evening lights. Absolutely gorgeous sailing out of the harbor. Glad you enjoyed your day :smiley:

we rode our bikes down, didn’t relize it was in, any ways we were pulled over by security who told us to walk, we just kept riding along… whats he going to do yell and make a scene in front of the boat people…lol…

Yea. I was right at the Customs door when Security told me to leave. However, I told them I was ‘Press’ with some travel agency. They bought it. As such, I was allowed much closer than many for some interesting photo ops. hehe

That sounds fantastic! :smile: Can’t wait.