Cruise Ship not sending passengers to the Cannery

Has anybody heard about this? Apparently, there is currently NO agreement worked out with ? to sell trips out to the Cannery. No wonder passengers are complaining that there is nothing to do in this town!!

And what happened to the scooter dude?

Scooter operation is for sale you can check out the ad in the Daily News pretty well every day, he’s been trying to sell the business for over three months now I think.

its not the cruise ships fault. you can always charter a bus every thursday and take them out too i guess. ajaye can be a tour liason and tell them all on the trip what all the closed stores used to be and what they coulda shoulda woulda been. :imp:

You’d think having the business up and running would be better advertising. Well, I’d think that…

It is if the cruise ship doesn’t tell the passengers about it.

As for the charter idea, the cruise ship co. would want a big cut. And if you didn’t fill the bus the cruise ship co. wouldn’t allow you to take locals to fill the seats unless you charged them the full price which locals probably wouldn’t pay.

Heard from some cruise ship passengers that they were aware of the tour from the ship events schedule but when they docked here the ones interested were told the only way out to the cannery would be if they called a cab !  They were told this by the folks at the tourism office so I guess they would kind of be on their own.  Too bad as a trip out to the cannery is a treat in my opinion !

could be advertised better.
bus goes 7 days a week 3x a day…round trip less than five bucks…
admission at the cannery cant be too bad…but that im not sure of.

See, what I heard was that the Cannery’s proposal to the PRPA was what was in limbo, that it was the Port that was stalled as to whether the Cannery would be getting the tour promoted on the cruise ship…but  I wasn’t sure how that worked.

Not quite sure how that all works…create a tourist promotion, bring it to the PRPA, they bring it to the cruise line and then everybody gets their cut before you get anybody on your tour? Something like that?

Is that the regular Port Ed. bus you’re talking about mcsash? If so, do they go as far as the cannery and would their schedule coincide with the ships’ arrival and departure? It would be great for the passengers if it did but I think that the docking time of the ship kind of hampers a little of their “roaming around” time anyway.  Would be nice if they had more of the daytime to wander, time to hike up the mountain etc. Oh well, what can you do?  Anyone know what is happening for Aboriginal Day BTW?