Crashed Satellite?

I’m gonna check this out further, sounds like a good one:
The tech who works from me told me last night that his girlfriends father works nights at one of the mills here. A few nights ago they saw what looked like a shooting star slam into the snow behind their shed so they went out and found something metallic had fallen to the ground.
They brought it into the shed and called the RCMP, who came and said it may be a fallen Russian or Chinese satellite.
Really early in the morning, a black helicopter flew to the mill and took it away from them.

If this is true, it’s quite the story.

They woulda had to pry it from my cold dead hands. Or pried them open with a stack of brownish bills at least…

Black helicopters?

Not Russian or Chinese, but the UN New World Order Government.

Check it out:

They only fly black helicopters.  Oh, and nobody else does.

Cool.  That sounds like something Mulder and Sculley should be investigating.  That sounds like a scene from the X-Files.  I wonder if the helicopter occupants explained why they needed to take it?

Uh-oh! Time to break out the tinfoil hats! :unamused:

So, did Tommy Lee Jones and Wil Smith show up with their little brainwashing zapper things too?

Sorry, stupid question.  You wouldn’t remember if they did would you.