Holy $#!±

163 km/h

Imagine the stress on internal organs. 

Stardog, is this japanese?  If yes, could you translate some of stuff?  Please?

He obviously forgot to do up the Speed-Straps on his Speed-Helmut…

Full-faces are designed to keep you lookin’ pretty after all is said and done.

mannnn, remind me to never ever ever eat it anywhere but in Canada…look how they were manhandling his ass around half picking him up to see if he was ok!!

with a crash of that sort of trauma you CANNOT rule out damage to the cervical spine area…reminds me of the shots of the guy on a xc bike jumping over the great wall of china in foam kneepads and a halfshell helmet, the ‘medics’ picking him up are just mooshing bone-ends together…

The writing at the top of the screen is certainly Japanese.  I haven’t been able to watch the vid just yet, but I will when I get home from work and translate what I can.

Ok, here’s a brief summary.  A Frenchman named  Eric Groan? Gloan?  (something like that–his name was Japonized so I don’t know the spelling) went to a mountain in Nicaragua to try and break the world speed record on a mountain bike.  On his first attempt, he broke the record with a speed of 163 km/h.

But he wasn’t done yet.  He tried a second time, this time with someone giving him a push start.  He was set to break the world record, when suddenly his bike flew apart, sending him skidding down the mountain.

He had many injuries, including 11 broken bones.  However, just before the accident, he broke the record again with a speed of 172 km/h.