CrabFest 2008?

anyone know the dates, the bands, the itinerary for crabfest 2008 in kincolith???

This is the line up for the music, from what I heard:
Look forward to the music of:

Tom Cochrane
Murray Porter
The Rightful Ownrz
Green River
The Sound Collision
7th Generation
Winston Wuttnee
Canadian XSports and
Legends of London - which is a fabulous Tribute of
Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and CCR

Loverboy just backed out today, heard it on the radio.

Guess they weren’t ready to be workin’ for the weekend… :astonished:

anyone know what the DATES are?

wow the only canadian has-beens that haven’t made the line up is April wine. 

Crabfest 2008
start -Jul 4 2008 - 9:00am
end - Jul 5 2008 - 9:00pm

Michele Stevens
T (250) 362-2322


5th Anniversary Music Festival