Cowbay lock down

Has anyone ever noticed all of the camera around the Atlin Terminal in cow bay.
Fort Knox .    Even on top of Homework. Big Brother is watching so dont pick ur nose.

Have noticed there are more cameras in the area as I think it has to do with Customs or maybe Big Brother is watching who frequents the lingerie shop in Atlin Terminal if it is indeed still open. Maybe one of our illustrious politicians would be caught on video purchasing a naughty product!!!  Would that really happen…Nah :astonished:

Rule 3: If you do cheat and bring your date to Cow Bay dress up in costumes. Not only will you be incognito, it also adds to the thrill.

Camera’s, inside and outside, are standard operating equipment for any building now that houses government offices. We have almost 40 of them in the Courthouse alone.


Man, you must feel like you’re in Big Brother.


Actually at the courthouse, I AM big brother. All the monitors are in my office. :smile:

Seriously though, in the world I work in we love the system. We work with people who will be happy to hurt us given the chance. Having an extra set of eyes to keep us safe is a huge deal to us. Even the fact that it’s recorded doesn’t bother me. Those recordings could easily save my ass if someone files a complaint against me or if I have to use force on somebody.


heh too funny

We had a meeting regarding some cameras that were installed in our shop over the xmas break. It was said that someone tried to break into one of the mechanics toolchests, and some things had gone missing elsewhere… etc. etc. for insurance purposes etc etc. I didnt’ really mind until one of our supervisors told us to find something to do one morning while we were bullshitting and having a coffee in middle of the shop, relayed from an email that came in on his laptop from the head dude in Calgary… I guess any of the head honchos in Calgary or Grand Prairie offices can live-stream our oil changes, coffee consumption, pallet-jack surfing or whatever. I have mixed feelings about that, but whatever.

That’s just like a local eatery… the managers set up cameras all over the restaurant so they could spy on their workers anytime they wanted to, from whatever town or country they may be in at the time.  These were not “security” cameras either, as those were already in place and not streaming over the internet like the new ones.

Wanna have some fun?  Dress up like an American tourist and go take pictures of the security cameras.  Then go and dress up like an Arab, complete with the robes and turban and do the same thing.  See how long it takes to get people’s attention.

Oh man, that’s harsh!  Big Brother is watching.  That would make me uncomfortable too. :neutral_face:

That is so funny. I am in that area all the time and I have never noticed any cameras. I am going to check it out tomorrow. So if you hear of a strang person watching the tops of buildings you’ll know its me. I sure hope I havent done anything stupid?!? Who watches these cameras? Can you imagine what they see after a night at Breakers?? That is just too funny!!

Oh ya, if it is like Big Brother can we vote people out?? Just a thought!!

I didn’t think anyone actually knew about 1984 except me… because my English teacher in highschool was lame enough to make us read it. The thought police are after everyone… that’s what they’re called right? Thought police

Hasn’t almost everyone read that book in highschool?

I figured the fact that no one responded to it was more the fact that the ‘1984’ reference gets thrown out during every conversation regarding security cameras.  In fact, the ‘Big Brother’ reference is from 1984 as well.

Yep, the Big Brother reference is from 1984. :smiley:  Heh, maybe the NSA makes that text required reading for their people.

Really? I didn’t know that. All the other classes in my grade got to read other books, some based on great movies… my class ended up reading a book that was similar to another novel I read the previous year for school. None of you have probably heard of it: Invitation to the Game. The whole thought police and that crap, it’s all in there too.

1984 was one of the very few books I actually read from cover to cover in highschool.  That one, and the one where boys are stranded on a tropical island and they all go nutso.

“the hardy boys and the mystery of the stab-ed bore”

wait, no

did anyone read hardy boys books?  I  remember reading in one of their stories as a kid about how Chet Morten (stereotypical fat red headed comic relief / driver / sometimes hostage / friend of the hardy boys) had a sister named Iola and she got all blown up by terrorists or something in a car bomb meant for the hardy boys.  That was like the only instance of real violence in the hardy boys series and whenever I got a new book for christmas or birthday or whatever I always hoped it was the one where Iola got zapped.