Cow Bay Drag Races

It’s been a number of years since I’ve been around to see these. Are they still a thing? I checked the Prince Rupert Special Events site, and they are not listed as part of Sea Fest 2014.

I can’t even remember the last time they did one

The same year they repaved the road. Back when we had the notorious wavy yellow lines on the new pavement. Like the driver of the paint truck had one too many…:smile:

You’re right, it hasn’t been part of seafest since 2000.

We will be having our regular Show’n’shine this year though. Rain or shine. and this year will be the last year for our burnout contest. So come out and burn off your old tires!

There are a few races this season around the north west.

In terrace 2014 Race dates: Saturday and Sunday, June 7- 8
Sunday and Monday, Aug 3 – 4 (Hot August nites)
Saturday and Sunday, Aug 30 – Sept 1
These are held at the Terrace Kitimat Regional airport.
Kitimat Hillclimb up Haisla hill June 28th, and the 29th is a rain out day.
Houston July 19 - 20th at the Houston airport.

You can find us on facebook.
And on our website. (which our fearless leader Mig helps with. <3)
Both sites are updated regularly. With articles from the paper, pictures from each event, and news from ours, and other clubs in our region.

Hope to see you all there. <3

Thanks everyone for the info! I think that yellow line was about the last time I recall a race as well. The car I’m currently rebuilding may have been a Seafest Burnout Comp. winner back around 2003, if memory serves correctly. It would be nice to get it back to the event in it’s final year, this time with two black stripes instead of one :smile:

Any links to the Kitimat Hillclimb? That sounds like a good time.

Of course I have links to the hill climb!
This is their facebook page.

Hmm, now I’m curious what car you have. We didn’t have a website back then, but I am pretty sure I can find photos.
If you did win, it would be great to see you out there again. We will be having our burnout contest in the parking lot that is behind the credit union. I’d like to get as many contestants as possible this year, because like I said, it will be our last year with that spot.

It wasnt me and I wasnt present. Was there ever a burnout contest hosted at the Sea Plane Base?

The car was my father’s and I’ve started a bit of a restoration on it. Still waiting on engine, flywheel, suspension and all the bearings, seals and hardware I need to put it back together again… will be a bit of a time crunch. I have boxes of parts by my door including massive Wilwoods, aluminum a-arms, new wheels and tires, etc… but nothing to bolt them too. It’s a red '70 Series I 240Z that will be slammed to the ground with a high revving billet stroker making lots of Japanese noise when it’s complete.

He also had a similar era Nova with a snappy engine that may have been the car that won, if either did. The grapevine said red 240z, but who knows! That was a while back.

Not at the seaplane base that I can remember, we did have one out at race track gas in the industrial park. I know what cars you’re talking about!
Will you ressurect it and bring it to prince rupert again?

Don’t forget, This weekend, june 14th, Car show starts at 1PM and Burnout contest starts at 4PM. See you there Car nuts.