Coup in Thailand

Hmmm, maybe this is over throw the government week, damn I forgot to get a card…

Thailand is in the midst of some kind of military coup, the Prime Minister who was supposed to spend a few days at the UN in New York giving a sppech now has to fly home (if he’s allowed back in the country) to see whats up…

Might be easier for him to just watch CNN, that way he’ll know if he should bother stopping in at the duty free shop before heading for home … … index.html,2933,214498,00.html

Sounds like it’s fairly routine for Thailand:

[quote]Some Thais gathered outside Government House in Bangkok to get pictures of themselves with the tanks and troops, AP reported.

The coup caused little stir in Bangkok’s popular tourist districts, where foreigners packed beer bars and cabarets just a few miles from where the tanks were posted, AP reported.[/quote]

This is why most parents hate to go on trips and leave their teenage kids at home for the weekend - except, instead of tanks, it’s police cars.

I was going to open a thread about yesterday’s election in New Brunswick but that is politics for kindergarten kids compared to a Coup d’État!  But I guess it falls into the same category of “change of government” albeit it’s a little less flashy.