Counterfeit bills from bank machines

A few years ago I was paying for some goods at a local corner store when the clerk proceeded to put the 20 dollar bill I had just taken out of a certain Rupert bank machine under the blue light that tells if it’s counterfeit or not and what do you know, it was. I called local authorities and they said bring it on down and we will take care of it. But you don’t get your money replaced. I said “sure, I’ll be right down”.

I was wondering if anyone else in Rupert has stories about getting counterfiet bills from bank machines?

Why should I get stuck with the bill so to speak. When you make a cash deposit the bank checks your bills, but not when you make a withdrawl. Same with local merchants. Maybe we should start asking to have our cash checked when we receive it from banks and such.

Putting bogus cash in a machine sounds like an excellent way to get rid of the funny money.

So what happens with all those deposited envelopes?

Perhaps a little elf sits there and rips through them and quickly stuff the machine back full of that same cash, so people like you can get blamed for the distribution of the funny money

There is one case I have heard of where a person discovered they had a bogus bill. They proceeded to follow correct protocol, taking the bill to the police and filing a report. He claimed to get the bill from a bank machine also and (I’m hoping someone familiar with the story will post a reply to this thread) an investigation was launched and by coincidence the person regularly scheduled to stock the intant teller with bills didn’t do it that night, the task was performed by the branch manager. How convenient.

As for depositing bogus bills in the instant teller, all those envelopes with cash in them go straight to the “detector”. You don’t think it would be that easy do you?

But you gotta remember, this is Prince Rumours and I for one can’t say for sure that any of that happened.

The holograms on money under black light are so cool. If I were a counterfeiter, I’d put naked ladies on the money.

Seeing as how I’ve seem them switch signature sheets to from contracts you did sign to contracts you didn’t sign, take money from my accounts without cause or explanation (whoops! there it’s all fixed), rewrite printouts after the fact with withrawals that weren’t there before dated before the deposits and explain that electronic transactions can take up to five days (the computers were off on maternity leave).
it is not such a stretch to believe bank manager hold all the funny money and put it in the bank machines to pass liability off to the customers.

I would give the rumour 86/100 on the believablilty scale, but be aware the reputation of Candian Bank greed starts them at 68/100 not 0…

Oh Yah, The Queen naked, because that would be soooo attractive. But seriously, some time ago the same thing happened to a friend of mine, he got his conterfiet cash from the ATM at the CIBC here in Rupert, and no this is not just another rumour. Basically, Whoever gets ‘caught’ with the conterfiet stuff, eats the cost, so it is almost like an ‘unofficial’ policy that rather than absorb the cost, because we all know how poor the banks are, they dole it back out to the unsuspecting public through the atm’s. and if they get caught, “it was just a mistake”.

I hardly ever carry cash. Really I dont. The last time I had a $20 in my pocket was more than a month ago. For myself, if I have cash, I spend it to quickly. I spend less if I use plastic.