Counter strke

i want to play cs source with a friend
but im too stupid to figure out if i need hl2 or can i just reinstall my copy of halflife.

edit: ok i found my halflife disc but someone got freakin goop on it !! goddamnit

You need Half Life 2, or you can order online to get get a key and download it. If you could get your hands on a HL2 CD-Key, you could register it and just download CS:S, that’d work too.

awww foril i need hl2 ?? i only have a 733, thats not going to run on mine is it…

It struggles on my Centrino M 1.5 with a 128MB ATI Radeon 9200… 512 mb RAM. Sorry to be the bearer of bad beans, but trust me, it’s better you not play it, trust me - it’s addictive.


i used to be the own at cs before the dawn of man.

oh well, frick.