Counter striking, O G westcoastin edition

hey i hear people still play cs 1.6 (thats on the half life 1 engine, right?) so I want to play it (and TFC) again.

my cd was destroyed by a doofus roomate (I kid you not, it was covered in gum when I got it back) but is there anyway I can download the original disc, and get a spoofed serial that will work so I can play cs originals?  I have the box and everything from half life the game ( probably the only game I’ve ever purchased) but there is no serial on the box. Lame.

l33t kids help a brotha out.

ps ( im not your brother)

I’m not going to lie, I paid twenty nine and ninety-nine hundredths of your Earth dollars for a copy of CS: Source.

my pc wont run counter strike of the source edition.