Councillor pushing for disaster relief in the wake of disastrous fishing season

City councillor and United Fishermen and Allied Worker’s Union spokesperson Joy Thorkelson put her fellow councillors on notice that she intends to have a serious discussion about the economic outlook for the community following a disastrous fishing on the North Coast. … 41724.html

I feel for the shore workers as i used to be one . I left in 2005 for medical reason’s  , but this has been  a long time coming . For starter’s the union should get some back bone and fight to keep jobs in the local plant and keep the shore worker’s working , meaning why sit back and do nothing  when in March or April every year it’s the same thing every year , herring is  frozen in the Canfisco plant , but it is  shipped right out to be processed else where by cheaper labor , maybe not even union worker’s … start there , keep all fish that is caught here and frozen here , fight to get it processed here , than work on job idea’s , bring them to the Manager’s of the Plant’s here to see if it’s viable , if it isn’t look for other species of fish to bring and keep the worker’s working .