By the way, I hear that bumble bee steve fitzpatrick is going to try to un for city council again. In my opinion, anyone who wear :open_mouth: s polyester floodpants with white socks and tries to hit on other guys dates is a greaseball.

if thereā€™s no ringā€™s on those fingers ita all open season on any ones datesā€¦lolā€¦ there not private property. if your that insecure about lossing your date to anouther manā€¦ you should stop dating or get marriedā€¦Poor foolā€¦haha

Hey Scotianā€¦you jealous that Fitzpatrick hit on your woman instead of you?? Sounds like youā€™re a little bitter to me.

:unamused: Im not jealous about that kind of shit but id punch the guy in the face for disrespecting me like that. I know my girlfriend isnt gonna go anywhere but when some jackass hits on her knowing shes with me that pisses me off.

Depends. if its your girlfriend, sure, thats disrespectful. If itā€™s a girl you met that night and just want to nail, I donā€™t see why a guy would be super upset over thatā€¦ other than losing his nightfun.

true dat

I agree thats a little different, but still a dickhead thing to do theres lotsa girls if you gotta go after one thats enjoyin another mans company then you are kinda sad. unless of course shes enjoying evryones company :wink:

You misfits misses the point (but a couple of you got it) The point isā€¦is that anyone running for council should have the common decency not to go after your gal. Do you want this kind of person to represent this city? TPlus I heard he doesnā€™t wipe properly if you know what I mean.hee hee hee

By the way, how come no-one comments on steve fitzpatrick running? As far as I am concerned that is pretty scary news. How is it that yoiu have these people that put their names forward year in and year out, hoping that they will get lucky. I think someone should only be allowed to run twice and then they are DONE! Especially Fitzpatrick types. Yuck, I think he has boobies!

Re: The actual politics of this thread, meh, I donā€™t live there anymore.
Scotian, get used to it, a htmf thread rarely stays on topic.

I dont know who this guy is, but if hes a sleazebag umm dont vote for him? problem solved, also you could just explain to people why you think hes a greaseball and try to get them not to vote for him. just a thought.

true 'nuff. i just wanted to mention it.

No I donā€™t know what you meanā€¦could you explain??? Fill me in


No I donā€™t know what you meanā€¦could you explain??? Fill me in[/quote]

Word of the day today: Daft.

How about another wordā€¦Sarcasm. You donā€™t actually believe that it was a serious question do you. Talk about being Daftā€¦

I just said word of the day, not specifically to you. And what a retarded thing to be sarcastic about.

Hey, its not OK to call someone ā€˜retardedā€™ā€¦ i find it offensiveā€¦ ok. Its the kind of thing that steve guy would say.


Whats more retardedā€¦writing about someone wiping themselves or being sarcastic about the fact that someone is writing about it?? :question: