Council to look at a downtown curfew

Prince Rupert city council has told staff to take an in-depth look at the possibility of a curfew in the downtown core as merchants in the area continue to face broken windows on a regular basis.

The issue was brought forward by councillor Ken Cote, who said he is increasingly concerned by the number and frequency of broken windows in the downtown core. … 63454.html

once again where are the parents, kids should not be out at night i don’t let my cats roam the street at night, nor my child.  curfew would be great, if the teens need to be out for a reason like work its ok, but the kids who are just up to no good thats not needed.
i hate walking around at night walking pass large groups of intoxicated kids, or having them walking pass my house at night being really loud, smashing things, breaking into cars for handfuls change…(fill in the blanks) sure not all teens are bad i agree but it’s the bad ones that stick out in memory, so why lump yourself in with the bad ones stay home.
sorry sore spot for me i like to feel safe at home or down town

once again, where is the community support for choices for kids?

consider living this reality: the streets of prince rupert at 2am feel safer than your own home.

we need entertainment options for kids - yes. but my gut tells me that many kids are not acting so much out of boredom as they are acting out pain and anger with no idea about how to process those emotions.

Also, please remember that it is almost certainly NOT all “kids” breaking windows.

How many broken windows happen when the bar crowd lets out? Actually, that may answer your question…

once again where are the parents [/quote]

It will be interesting to see how the RCMP feel about the idea of a curfew. My money is on them saying that curfews don’t work.

i agee that parents ned to be held more accountable or their kids actions and wereabouts als rcmp foot parols would help

“my gut tells me that many kids are not acting so much out of boredom as they are acting out pain and anger”

Ok so Many Kids…


“it is almost certainly NOT all “kids” breaking windows”

I grew up in this town and let me tell you alot of these kids down town are there not because it is safer at 2am downtown Rupert, but because it is cooler to be there.

However I do agree that there needs to be more for Kids to do,  There needs to be alot more Foot Patrols by the RCMP.

Kid’s will hang out no matter where you ban them from, they will have another place lined up to hang out at in a week.  So where would we rather that be?  Skate Park? WaterFront? One of the Many Parks?
A City wide Curfew?  That will ony be obeyed by kids with Parent’s who care or can control thier kids.

I was talking to a cop one day and they were saying its not possible. Its against their righst or some such. But its not just the windows. I am sitting here now, midnight and what do i hear? i hear kids whistling to one another all night long, or holloring its a pain trying to sleep when you drift off to hear some drunk kid spouting off