Council debates Sun Wave's role in 2009 budget

On April 27 City of Prince Rupert management confirmed rumours circulating around town regarding the inclusion of taxes from Sun Wave’s pulp mill on Watson Island in the 2009 Five Year Financial Plan, a plan which contains a 3.8 per cent tax increase and spending cuts in a number of areas, but said the inclusion of those taxes was not done to alter the city’s budget numbers.

“Sun Wave wasn’t included to balance the budget, it was included because it is a taxable entity. We’ve been very conservative on our estimates and are awaiting the outcome of the company’s [property] assessment appeal,â€

Meanwhile everything that can be sold is being sold … they are raking in over $100,000 per month if not more. Yes they have some wages to cover but not $100,000 worth and not many lights are on … I think the city should step in and stop the sales … at least we would see some money!