Cottonwood Music Festival

The crowds are gathering for the Cottonwood Music Festival, which has become the Fort’s biggest annual event. One of the acts this year is Valdy, gawd I remember when he was the opening act for Uriah Heep back in like 1971 or something… gotta go see him. Folk and Blues singers age gracefully, it’s not like watching Jagger in pants so tight you can see his Depends… :smiley:
One shot is our “Wireless In The Park” pole where we grab a signal from across the lake and repeat an open connection for tourist use. Half a dozen campers were shouting “Two bars!  Three bars!” from around the Park while we were tweaking it this afternoon.

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Yeah I remember catching Valdy in Rupert many moons ago in the early 90’s I believe and of all places I believe it was at the Highliner. Say hi to him for me but do enjoy.

You almost got me there, I was going to have a sip of coffee.
You crack me up Herbie! Thanks, I needed a good chuckle.

Can hear the thump of bass and drums from my basement suite a block away. Must be a “real” country band, the Lab pup next door is howling along.
My daughter showed up to visit, got a ride from a friend of mine. He asked her if we were going to the “Wrinkle Fest” tomorrow night :smile: