Coronavirus is a hoax, wake up sheeple

It was only a matter of time…

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Yup. I know several people that eat up the fake news anti-covid-19 horseshit. You cannot use rationality or science to combat this lunacy. These people are akin to flat earthers and 911 whackadoos.
I suppose this is a somewhat understandable fear based response to a truly deadly pandemic?!
We’re living in truly odd times. Stay safe out there folks. Socially isolate and wash your hands.

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Those idiots were lucky they’re not living in a country where breaking social distancing orders can lead to a fine and jail time. I hope they’re completely shunned from the greater society once this pandemic is over.

Anyway, just letting off the steam.

Didn’t ya hear? They already have a vaccine but they’re waiting for the nanoprobe supply to catch up so they can force everyone to vaccinate and then the CIA can read your minds!

And now they’re all coming out of the woodwork: