Cops brutality in P Rupert


Just heard from a friend, that one of our mutual friend who had been sleeping on the road since last week was woken up by the cops and beaten up badly. her face is swollen and lip torn. she has no clue why they bet her and also said that if she told anyone, she would not be believed.
it has made me sick in my stomach.

Protector Becomes Oppressor

protector has become operrasor


What a load of bullshit


The only way that this gets dealt with is to report it. Immediately. Not only so the incident can be reported, but so that injuries can be photographed and recorded for evidence. The injuries support the story she is telling. It takes courage to stand up… and maybe nothing gets done about it. It’s 100 percent certain that nothing gets done though if nobody reports things.

Otherwise it’s just a story


Crazy Mike, She approached some social service agency and her pics were taken and she was provided safe home as well , they tried persuading her to go to the Hospital as well as the cops but for now she is too scared and depressed. On Monday some support will be provided to her professionally. People like her are already dealing with many complexities in their life’s and to think logically may not be the most logical alternative for them. Thanks for the good advice.


Yes, it is s bullshit, the inhuman behaviour of the cops without any provocation, the highway of tears is also bullshit created by such cops and cynics.


I’m very sure it’s not just me but I have a hard time believing this story, especially with attached political statements painting the whole police force as “oppressors” with a broad brush.

Don’t take my comments as insensitive, I’m pretty concerned too. All the best to your friend by the way.


I am sure it is hard to believe as we do not expect this kind of unethical behaviour from our officers. And please do not give it a political colour as you will notice protector and oppressor both are singular and it by no means represent our police force as in totality.


Might want to back pedal a bit more if you didn’t meant that way. I didn’t raise an issue just for that couple sentences in the original post.


Okay. Putting on my administrator hat now. This statement is uncalled for and highly disrespectful to the memory of the women who have gone missing along highway 16. Enough. Let us turn this conversation back on topic. Thanks.


Sorry! I did become bitter because of the unbelief, maybe I was not eloquent enough to bring to light a concerning issue in a way that it should have raised alarm and not the need to proof that it is a true incident. All organizations consist of people and people can be of different views, philosophies and personalities. I have worked in close quarter with youth planning to go into police force, everyone is not emphatatic, ethical or intelligent enough to understand the broader issues faced by various sections of our communities. Many are oozing with the excitement to get into the force and use their physical attributes to enforce law. They have their own biases and formed judgements on the basis of stereotypes about individuals. So in the incident with my friend ; she was unfortunate to come across such officers. She had to tell them that they should stop hitting her as their is her friend nearby in the bush who might be recording the whole incident and one of the officer actually went around to check if there wAs anyone around and then while letting her go told her that no one would believe her story as it is her word against theirs. They seem to know what they were saying as that is what is happening, No one is believing the reality. As for the highway of tears, we face such like roadblocks in the progress of finding our missing daughters, sisters and friends because at a time their stories seemed unbelievable too. When I posted the incident initially I hoped that their would be awareness around the issues which are faced by a section of women who are struggling with a vicious circle of poverty, homelessness, abuse, addiction and on top of that unwarranted violence from these two officers. Anyway my friend is seeking help from social services and hopefully will get justice.


There is a toll free number to call to file a complaint against an officer …


Perhaps an influx of police presence on the streets would benefit the citizens safety and concerns…
Citizens on patrol would be an asset on the streets …


I am sorry , but I find this story hard to believe !
Are you sure these individuals who allegedly beat you up were not persons saying they were police officers ?
I walk the streets daily and have never seen an officer treat any citizen in the manner you have described…
I am also appalled and disgusted that you would accuse the police of having anything to do with the missing Aboriginal women… In my opinion , it is the gang life they are involved with that leads to violence they are subjected to…
It is a shame we live in such a violent and cruel world…
Drugs and alcohol , play a big role in the violence against our children and women in all our communities !
The real issue we should be focussing on in our communities is the gangs and drug problems !