why is it everytime the ANBT is here there are cops around every corner??? dont they have anything better to do rather than pull people over for no reason??? i drove thru town after the games ended and i got pulled over twice just checking for my belt and if i had anything to drink…i was driving thru town for like 10 minutes and i got pulled over twice… i think it is all BS to get stereotyped like that… it is just BS… and yet the tournement just started… there is gonna be alot of tickets being handed out for no good reason… just cuz they are being @$$holes :unamused:

wow your post explains so little but has no story . yet i feel like you want to complain because police are around more at the anbt. maybe because at any large gathering of people there is a police presence. i might be wrong who knows

Yeah it would make no sense at all to bring in more police to the biggest event this town has seen in years. What were they thinking?  :unamused:

Were you pulled over, or were you stopped at a road block?

Hahaha - no kidding!  

Also, howlingwolf44 -  if you were driving around town for 10 minutes, then one could probably correctly assume that you were not in any sort of rush to get wherever it was that you were going, so why get all hostile if the RCMP wanted to check on you?  Were you being an ass to the cops?  Were they being asses to you?  Or was it as simple as there being an increased number of people in town for this event so the police were out on the streets making sure nothing got out of hand?  

ANYONE has the ability to go from zero to shithead/asshole, especially with more people in the city, so the fact that the cops are keeping themselves aware of what is going on in the streets gives me comfort.  

Unless you were discriminated against or were treated poorly once the officer(s) talked to you, I think you just need to let it go - a few minutes out of your ‘busy’ schedule of ‘driving thru town for 10 minutes’ is hardly a crime.

i still remember when i was younger and with friends driving around. one would say cops!!! just because they seen them and we werent doing anything. just paranoia lol.
i havent gotten a ticket in years once i started being polite insaed of lippy to the cops .
just be glad they are there and smile when they talk to you . :wink:

As a First Nations person I understand that there is a need for more policing no matter what event.  I would personally like to see more road blocks every weekend, I have seen many unsafe driving situations around town.  Anything that can deter bad driving habits, would be greatly appreciated.  I believe that the ANBT, or any big even should contribute to the policing budget to offset the costs.

The RCMP officers are just doing there job. When the ANBT hits town, Prince Rupert has an increased number of people and alot of those people like to go out and have a good time. The reason for Police being down at the civic is for croud control.
I hate it when people bash police for doing there job and being around but when they are in NEED OF POLICE they bash them for not being around right away.

I think alot of people over react to the anbt except the police, they are just protecting what is ours and well just be happy they are checking up on people as often as they are. I bet you wouldn’t be cussing them out if one of your passengers were killed by a drunk driver.

it’s not a bad thing for them to be out. think about it. how many people are in this town right now… some of them have never worn set belts in there small towns. I myself have had to break it a few times as they don’t even use there signals.or they find the street they want and turn at the last minute. for all the ones that do live here most of us do  drive safe. but for the ones that come here just for the games. the roads do get busyer. and if it was you in an accident with one of them… think of it this way. you are safe you have your set belt on.your car might be a little dented. but your safe. Dam i guess its a bad thing been safe… to me if your not doing anthing wrong and they stop you thats a good thing…
Are you going out this weekend howlingwolf44, if you are just so you now the cops will be crawling everywere it will be worse , don’t get all up set when you see them please. they maybe right beside you when that fist comes out of no were… best of luck to you

I’ve also witness too many, and experienced, bad driving skills in this town.

For one, I’m crossing the street (in a crosswalk obs :stuck_out_tongue:) with my 4 year old & 15 year old relatives . . . and a blue 2 door truck speeds up coming down from Crestview, swerves around us and speeds off into the distance (up 11th).

And another one, in the same night (literally seconds after the blue truck), a gray van turns into the crosswalk while we were still in the side it was in . . . it slams on the brakes and

bam . . .

their engine dies out, so I stand there watching them attempt to get their engine going again, hoping that they’re a little embarrassed, for not only being so impatient . . but to have their car die right in front of me after the incident.

Which brings me to my point -
a - I don’t think there are that many “slow walkers” in town, I think there are impatient drivers… get out and walk for once :stuck_out_tongue:
b - yeah the cops presence is nice, but with all the cops being around you’d think the drivers in town would play it extra safe too :smile:


Politics man, it’s all politics!


Try this novel thought…maybe it’s no more than preventive policing.

All year long the police are not doing a good job, but for the time when the All Native is in town they are doing a fine job. WTF, HTMF is supporting the RCMP! YAY, even if it is for only two weeks!

Funny…I do agree that it is more preventative than anything tho!

i support them fully but if they give me a ticket ill switch sides easy lol

please explain how they are not doing a good job. Thanks.

It was more of a comment on the “general” opinion of the job the police were doing according to several HTMF’ers. I am sure if you would do a search, on here, you could find all sorts of colourful post about how HTMF ers view our local police force.

I have seen our local RCMP officers try to do their job and serving and protecting the community, we must understand that they are limited in numbers and if they get a call out for an assault that calls for two members which leaves one maybe two to man the rest of the community. Budget plays an important role here. I will agree that you sometimes get the odd new recruit coming into town and he or she may have the old John Wayne attitude about them but with experience and training they usually lose that. The new administration is doing so much to try and address the needs of the community. Fopr the all native basketball they have pulled in the troops from outlying areas to help with the week and a half and I am sure they have their hands full right now.

I think the local police do a great job considering that they are understaffed. 

I also think that you have to separate the awesome job they do generally with the douchebag-ish job they tend to do on traffic duty.  On traffic, they seem to be ok with making up offenses just to write tickets (ie: not stopping long enough at a stop sign, not signaling even when not required, etc).

But every interaction I’ve had with them on general police stuff has been first-rate.  They are normal people doing a good job while being understaffed.

Yea, was just gonna say the same kinda thing.

You’re right chiefdave, a search would yield quite a few threads about our local RCMP detachment. However, they seem to fall into two categories:
    a. People who did something bad and try and make excuses.
    b. People who are frustrated with the apparent tollbooth antics by some of them traffic officers.

So, based on that, I think it’s pretty safe to say that our local detachment does a great job all around.