Cops Again

Between the lines. Between your ears. Nothing there but emptiness.

Seriously, assault is against the law, especially when you bite people and the assault the arresting officer.  If you are caught you won’t be punished. 

Oh! Sssnap!!

:confused: when you fly thru a window the cops will stand back at the scene and its the poor smucks with a bio-hazard suits( probly firemen) that have to deel with scrapping your carcass up and putting it into bio-hazard bags.

police do their job, people complain, police dont do their job… people complain…

42… duh

lol, right.

It’s not like it’s a random time - it’s always at the end of the month.  That’s when you will generally see them in what I like to call the “cheater” areas of town.  Where just about everyone speeds, if only even a little bit, but enough to get stopped.  A couple of spots I’ve noticed are when the speed reduces back to 50 coming back into town on the highway, as well as anywhere heading out to Ridley Island (usually they will be out there when the work day starts/ends for the office workers, as well as at shift changes for the union side.

Hate to say it folks but the majority of the cops in PR are good officers - fair, competant and lenient to quite an extent.

If you got nabbed - it’s most likely for good reason. Or you have just come in contact with one of the not-so-fair officers. I have a gripe about only one - and he got an earful of “Common Courtesy & Things You Don’t Do When You’re an Authority” when he pulled me over - probably not so bright considering he’s the officer and I’m the civvi but…hey…my brain->mouth filter works most of the time…so at least I didn’t ‘out’ the profanity to go with the commentary.

Maybe he was just having a bad day…all others - good officers. heh

first off I dont belive that the police are nice here. I have never had any trouble with them here besides one incedent. Well i was living in vancouver the officers seemed nicer and friendlyer there. Every time i drive by a police officer or walk by them i may give them a smile or a nod and they just stay still and stare me down a really mean stare like if i was a criminal.

There has been multiple times where I have been followed for blocks and blocks by police. all the way to my house. Just last night i was @ a red light on mc’bride beside the old dairy queen the cop was turning to go up mcbride so i got the green to go  he was in the right lane and i was in the left lane he was probabbly 5 car lengs in front of me we were both proceeding down mcbride when we got near spearows i noticed he slowed down completly and looked like he was turning down 9th ave west. But instead of him turning he let me go by then tailed me pass mcdonalds followed me and my gf right to are culd de sac as we turned in he slowed completly down to a stop in the middle of the road and watched us drive up to are house and then drove off. Thats one of many times I have been followed just three days ago a cop pulled in to seven eleven right after we did i was pumpinh my tires on the car. my gf’s sister was standing outside and noticed that as we were leaving the officer went in seven eleven for about 5 seconds and noticed we were leaving so he rushed out rushed to his car and we turned down towards the waterfront way and the cop car was behind us turning down that way but. instead of waiting he sped out well a car was turning down he cut the car off completly almost caused an accident just so he can follow us. Now is this harrasment this happens about twice a week they follow are car.

i have done nothing wrong. I think its because of the way my car looks with its body kit and spoiler

I can speak with a fair bit of confidence that the police don’t persecute you based on the appearance of the car you drive. If they’re following you like that, it’s probably because they’ve either had complaints on your car, have seen you do something you’re not supposed to do and couldn’t respond to it at the time. I’ve talked cars with a lot of cops in town, and many of them are car enthusiasts. They’re not naive enough to think that the body kit on your car makes it a performance car.

More likely, you either a.) have an “N” on the back of your car, b.) had a bunch of passengers and were doing loser laps, c.) were watching the cops intently whenever you saw them, which always makes them suspicious, or d.) drive something like a sunfire or a corolla with a huge pointless wing, and they find it amusing.

If police officers seem to give more tickets are certain points, that doesn’t matter. If you drive properly and safely all the time, you’ll never get a ticket… it’s as simple as that. You can go around driving thinking “Well, from what I’ve heard the police aren’t giving out too many tickets right now… therefore it’s okay to speed and drink.”

Also, cops can’t pull you over unless you’re breaking a law or they’ve seen you engage in dangerous or suspicious driving. It’s illegal for them to do so… and the only reason they can stop people at random road blocks is because random road blocks have been found ‘justified and reasonable in a free and democratic society’ (Section 1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms) by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Drive properly + safely + driver’s license + obeying the law = No ticket, ever.

ERRR…wrong…under the MVA they can stop any vehicle on the road.

Stopping people is not the same as issuing them a ticket. Reiterating… that’s illegal.

To elaborate on the idea of an unjust stop. They can pull you over. However, anything they find while you’re pulled over is inadmissable in court. If they find you a bloody knife on the passanger seat, they might try to arrest you, but no judge would let that evidence be used at trial, as the original stop at the side of the road is a breach of your rights under Section 1 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

And I never believed that they stop RED ones more often until I bought one!

You think people in Rupert drive three times as crappy as people in Terrace?  Why are there so many more tickets issued in Rupert than in Terrace?

There’s a little thing in the Canadian Charter about “equal application of the law.”   If police are enforcing traffic laws differently in Terrace than they are in Rupert, then that’s not right, and should be fixed.  Maybe one day they’ll piss off a lawyer at the McBride Toll Booth, and he or she will challenge under the Charter.

PS - I went through the toll booth twice yesterday to fill up on candy canes.  Thanks! 

Since leaving Rupert I have been pulled over 6 times.  3 of those times were in Prince rupert. I’ve been gone 5 years. That says something.

I had a few problems when I first moved here with my N sign falling down/getting lost. Instead of the rupert policy of fining me he put an N on the back of my car and sent me on my way.

Could there be other issues behind these events, sure but to me its pretty obvious whats happening. The city should just put up a toll booth right by the  bridge and stop having the cops fine people for bullshit reasons.

PS. No quota’s my ass.

talking about toll booth’s…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Fair enough… but you’re making the assumption that officers in Rupert are giving out too many tickets, whereas maybe the officers in Terrace aren’t giving out enough.

As for a quota, that someone mentioned, no such quota exists. Traffic cops and other officers are given stats so they know around how many tickets are being issued throughout their region so that they can stay on par… but there is no set number they are required to give over a certain time period.

Where the Hell are these Toll Booths? Have I missed another great for Rinse Pupert? Is that out on the highway or is it in Stewart?