Cops Again

Cops are pulling people all over the place again.  Why randomly decide to pick a week and pull as many people you can over and give them a ticket.  Is there any joys in being a cop in Rupert?  It must take an hour just to get dressed in the morning, and an hour to get undressed.  Having a loaded gun and never being able to use it.  How much does a cop get paid? 

I think you should write cop a few more times.  :smile:

Okay…I’ll take your word on this one as I’ve never watched a cop undress. 
This is a weird thread even for HTMF.  LMAO. :smiley:

Love Google image search

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OK …I gave Jorge the Pool garcon shit about not reading between the lines and coming to his own conclusions…But please tell me why it would take so long to dress and undress?..Are you smoking the reefer Billu?

Not random… the end of the month is approaching…perhaps they have quotas that they have to meet.  It has been kinda quiet until the last few days.  :wink:

Pretty simple gang…obey the laws of the road and you got nothing to worry about.
I havent had a ticket in 7yrs…well major Phil gave me a seatbelt ticket whenI was a passenger in my wifes van.
But that cops a goof eh?..I was in contravention of the motor vehicle act…and he gave me a TICKET!!!..WTF…that bastard is doing his job.  I should complain.
Jeez…sounds silly e h

What if cops randomly stop people and gave them tickets, instead of flashing their lights all over the place for a week letting people know when there so called “quota” is up.

I’ve not only seen a cop undress, I’ve seen her wearing nothing but her belt and hat.  Ahh…the memories.

lucky criminal eh

not to sound like Crazymike here but when it comes to this stuff he is bang on, if you don’t want a ticket, don’t speed.  that simple.  it’s not their fault you are speeding. 


Rollins and Mcsash agreeing with me in the same thread. Armageddon can’t be too far off…lol

Seriously though… speeding is against the law. Get caught and you get punished. Pretty simple.

I agree, speeding endangers other people and should be against the law.  Having a fine for not wearing your seatbelt is bullshit since I am not endangering others.

You’re endangering my bank account. When you go flying through the window it’s the public health system that gets to pay to fix you up.

Except when you fly though the window of your car into the other car you just hit head on going 80, as your body goes through the window causing your internal organs to extrude out of your body, blood soaks everyone in the car; your torso like a 100 pounds missile kills and kills the drivers wife, while the airbag saves the drivers life, he dies of AIDS because your blood found its way into the face of the driver through small cuts. Use your seatbelt it not only saves your life it can save others too.

HAY ZEUS…You are endangering others when not wearing your seat belt.

  1. Your body acts like a projectile when it goes through a window…i
  2. Inocent by standers could get nailed by your projectiling body…
  3. if you survive…medical and insurance costs are massive…where it could be going to something else
    Its all preventable if you wear your dam belt…
  1. I would like proof that this could actually occur. Mythbusters?
  2. You’re just mad because your daughters couldnt get nailed by me.
  3. Small price to pay for such an influential person.

Holy Jesus how old are you!

not as old as god, but 2000 years is about right,