Coppermine Photo Upgrade

Anyone running Coppermine should upgrade to v1.44 as fast as possible. Hosting companies have been notified of a vulnerability and many are banning Coppermine from their servers if they’re not upgraded…
This is actually a month old warning, but I just noticed my old one was 1.31 … p?download

I’m thinking of scrapping our coppermine install here, and perhaps replacing it with a gallery v2 install. Coppermine is real junk.

thanks for the heads up, now i can add to the list of software to search for on compromised servres at work.

I agree :frowning:

Im switching back to gallery i hate having to upload only 5 pictures at a time on my mac. It’s a pin in the butt.

Mig Im running gallery 2 but dont know if theres a fast way to move 2500 + pictures, do I have to upload them all again or is there a fster way to import from coppermine to Gallery ?

As a massive 6 people have uploaded pix since 2004, it was hardly worth my effort to even do a security upgrade.
I did notice a theme in there that would fit with htmf…