Cool Apps

Here is a list of some cool App’s I use…List you own…
Portable Apps found here
Hamachi found here

Very cool stuff, Astrothug! :sunglasses:
For me one of the coolest apps is the command line interface, with it you can download, install software, run applications locally and remotely, and fix a system that you’ve somehow managed to screw-up. :smiley:

here’s some of my favs … fault.aspx … fault.mspx
enjoy … -42281.htm

This program is great when you need to change you mac address

excellent links! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for: … ble_0.90.1

I use that one daily… Great product…

I managed to make a good BartPE, but Clam off the CD seems to be a pain. Got it to work if you copied to the Ramdisk first, then it stopped working at all.
Boot with Bart, run portable apps from USB… doable.