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Bad Cokes or a Hoax?

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Just passing on story from a friend of a friend of a friend kinda thing. Anyways, an good friend of someone I know, who no longer lives in Rupert, but rather in Prince George has just informed me of this news.

She was in a check out line waiting to pay for her groceries and there was a man ahead of her who was slightly short of cash. The guy was obviously from the somewhere in the middle east and looked pretty upset and embarrased over the situation so the woman gave him the few bucks he needed, and he was on his way. When she went out to put her groceries in the car, the man approached her and thanked her. He said that no one had treated him well since he had been in Canada, and stated how much he appreciated her help. Before he left, he mentioned that she wouldn’t want to drink any Coke products over the holidays.

So apparently the guy has been put on that Crime Stoppers thing, and this may be for real. I’m sure that if this actually happened, companies would be running tests on all recent batches of whatever, so I imagine there should be no worries. My scotch and Coke was delicious last night, and I’m still here to tell pass on this news.

Oh, you know how stories tend to get exagerated/changed on right? “Coke” may not have been the correct quote, buts thats what I’ve been told.


Not only is it bullshit, but it’s not even Canadian bullshit, or recent bullshit :wink:

When in doubt, check snopes. Friend of a friend is always bullshit. Always. If it’s not bullshit, there will be concrete names and facts.


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As for the Urban Legend thing, I did a couple of courses in university. Amazing what you can get university credit for these days. :wink:


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Interestingly enough, this person still claims that it happened, but perhaps the afgani-dude is a reader.


If it’s a friend of “this person” ask them for their friend’s name. They’ll change their stories and say “no, it wasn’t my friend, but a friend of theirs.”


I know the name, and they are serious enough of this matter to take offence to me suggesting it was a hoax. I just rather not give the name.


Hah, this is textbook! Taking offence when somebody points out the hoax is the expected response. They were taken too, remember.

It’s not true. If you follow the chain of people, and ask the person to whom this happened, they themselves will lead you to another person. Really. It’s not true.


I did vote hoax, just so you know.


This would be a great opportunity to “collect” some folklore “in the wild”. You could trace it as far back as possible. It’s certainly connected to the version that snopes has, since it has some of the same unique elements. It’s really cool how stories pass from person to person, with little details changing, but important elements stay the same.


Too bad that it can only be traced as far back as the friend of the friend, who seriously claims this happened and that she even contacted crime stoppers or whatever…

Which is a little odd.


Poor MiG, he is just mad because now he is scared to drink his favourite caffine filled carbonated beverage over the holidays… Don’t worry MiG one day you will be able to ride the caffine buzz train once again.


I’m mad?


I’m scared to drink coke? What?

What a waste of a post, Iceman. You’ve been taking lessons from Dylan?


I went to 7-11 and bought some Coke. Mmmmm…


I’m sure that every batch of Coke needs to pass certain tests and examinations anyways.


Claim: Â Person who performs a kindness for a stranger is rewarded by the stranger’s telling her to avoid drinking Coca-Cola or Pepsi after a certain day.

Status: Â False.

Examples: Â [Collected on the Internet, 2002]

Ok I don’t usually fall into the rumour category. Although this time I did.

Our good friend (God mother to Gabriella) has a friend (yadh yadah yadh) who was in our nationally known grocery store. This man was in front of her and was short $5.00. He was not budging on anything. Price, product etc . . . This “friend” decided to pay the difference so she could get home. The man was waiting for her outside the store and was very thankful. He wanted to repay her.

She said, “it’s ok, never mind, etc.”

He said, “Don’t drink coke this summer.”

I am a bit superstitious. But I love you all and feel the need to pass on this info. Good thing we don’t drink alot of soda pop.

Nonetheless, this rumor continues to circulate in newer and newer versions that push the target date farther into the future to keep it current, saddling authorities with the task of debunking the same rumor over and over.

see: … ocery.html


I bought a coke at the dollar store a few months back, and it was already opened, I’m sure glad I didn’t drink it.


Yeah, but everybody knows they are terrorists at the Dollar Store.


Terrorists live under my bed.