Construction starts today on new drive thru

New excitement today at Rupert Square as ground was broken for a new “Lower Mall Drive Thru”.
It is rumored that a take out window at #1 Fast Foods and a drive by Lotto Kiosk are in the plans.
The exit for the drive thru is being kept “secret” for the time being.

What’s the story here? Hopefully nobody hurt.

I hope the driver is good natured and can laugh at the accident :smile: I know I’d be dying with embarrassment and laughing at the same time. As long as nobody was hurt, that is…

There was no injuries, and the van looked fine when it was pulled out.

ha ha ha… you made me look…lol

Apparently the van was driven by an older fellow, who experienced a panic attack while trying to park :-/

The damage wasn’t too extensive… it barely ruptured the old Dollar Store inside wall. Lets see how long it’ll take to fix.