Conservative numbers down in Prime Minister's summer of

A controversial summer for the Prime Minister would translate into a near political death experience, at least according to the latest findings of the Ekos polling service.

In numbers released today, Ekos research reveals that if a snap election were called today, the Harper Conservatives would barely hang on to the political lead. The percentage of voters likely to vote Conservative would be 29.7%, the Liberals 28.5 %, the NDP 17.4% and the Greens 11.4% and the Bloc Quebecois 10.4% while others check in at 2.9%.

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … prime.html )

Harper’s biggest asset is Michael Ignatieff. The leader of the loyal opposition is about as exciting as watching back to back episodes of Oprah. Good news about the poll though. I hope the Liberals eventually oust the Cons. My party, the NDP, has little chance; I will of course continue to support my candidate, Nathan Cullen. :smile:

Yeah it muss be a pretty crummy summer for the Prime Minister if even the charismatically challenged Iggy is finding his numbers rising despite his efforts, found it interesting that the Greens are slowly moving upwards, maybe having George Laracque on the team is providing a boost (or maybe scaring them to support) for the Green fortunes.

If the current political trend continues, your choice of the NDP may actually have some say in future policy as it would seem that with the numbers from Ekos it would only be a matter of time before the Conservatives would find themselves back on the opposition side of the house facing a potential Liberal/NDP coalition in the short term.