Conrad Black

Opinions anyone?

This was always one of my favourite opinions of Conrad Black,

It’s kind of funny to watch him try to reclaim his citizenship now that he’s in the doo doo.

That being said, we should let him come on back home, if only so we can Lord it over him as Mercer would say.

Though the thought of him hanging out in the Compton Jail or any similar institution does have its merits eh!!

I’ll believe it when I see it.  Black comes up for sentencing in November; I wonder how much hard time the SOB will get?
The law was written for the rich by the rich.  Perhaps he’ll be ordered to drink a cheaper brand of scotch in his country-estate jail. :imp:

I think it’s his arrogance that he could both turn his back on Canada and get away with this kind of behaviour makes him so unlikeable. Not too sure how much jail time he’ll actually end up serving but the damage to his ego is hopefully considerable since outside of a full pardon, he’s a convicted criminal for life. Add to that the money woes they are talking about now and he’s looking kind of pathetic…my how the mighty have fallen, lol.

Oh and Barbara Amiel is a total bitch as well. Hope she has a fun time trying to play this down on either side of the Atlantic.


So he battled with Chretien on the Lord issue and being a canadian citizen. In a fit he chose to denounce citizenship. If he truly felt he could hold both and with his bankroll why not fight it through the court system. But that is history now.

If we were not good enough then, whats changed other than desperation. Apparently the Order of Canada he holds is in jeapordy as well. Alan Eagelson and one other recepient had their Orders revoked. Alan’s for his financial debacle of hockey players funds. Not much different from Conrad.

Personally, let him watch us from the other side of the fence. But reality is he’s got cash and freinds so not sure he will stand in line like everyone else. The law states he has no chance in hell of coming back but into the country but our laws are so damn weak.

Bottom line…karma can be a bitch… this could apply to some of our local pompus asses… hmmm