Conrad Black will go to prison

Lord Black will do hard time. :imp:

    Vital statistics: 884 inmates. Opened in 1962.
    Advantages: Eglin is the federal prison most often associated with the “Club Fed” legend of country club-like accommodations for white- collar criminals. The well-manicured grounds feature a tennis court and a secluded bay inlet for sunbathing. Visitors can stay at nearby beach resorts in Fort Walton Beach and Destin.
    Disadvantages: The prison camp is on the sprawling Eglin Air Force Base, so inmates must put up with hearing fighter jets roaring overhead.

He will appeal his sentence.  I’ll be curious to see how much time he actually does.

Where’s the golf course? What if I was sent there?

Beside the Marina

Well, I’m glad he’ll be able to maintain his tan while playing sets of tennis.  We wouldn’t want him to be inconvenienced by his incarceration. :unamused: