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I flew one of these in the war:

Actually, true story…

Visited the Museum of Flight a few years ago (in Seattle), with my GF.
It’s staffed by veterans and stuff. Every time we moved to a new plane, she would say loudly “IS THIS THE KIND YOUR FATHER FLEW IN THE WAR?” and all the veterans would crowd around and try to start a conversation. We got to skip all kinds of lineups, though.

The ruse fell apart when she said it at the MiG-21 exhibit.

Yeah an A-10 Thunderbolt was just flying over Terrace practicing for tomorrows Terrace Airshow, one LOUD-ass mofo.

Well, the MiG-21’s never really saw much combat with the F-86’s. The 86 was a Korean era aircraft where the 21 was up against phantoms and thunderchiefs during vietnam. If she said it at a MiG-15 or MiG-17 display, I could understand the upset.

Vietnam dude. Lots of MiG-21s over Northern Vietnam. She just said it about every plane we came across, including the F-18, etc. Just 'cause I was all pumped about them.

These were all Vietnam vets.

the things one must do to get people talking…

tell her to add “in Angola” at the Mig21 exhibit

Thats what I said. The 21 was a Vietnam aircraft. Up against the Thunderchiefs doing bomb runs around Hanoi.