Conflict of interest

Why does Concillor Ashley refuse to participate in debate or vote in issues with the new school proposed by SD 52 ?

I believe that she may be trying to do the right thing by removing herself from the voting part as we probably know which way she may vote. I do have faith in Councillor Ashley in her seat and her belief in the city business. If I remember correctly Councillor Moreau back when he was in council would remove himself if the issue was about youth. I believe this but I may be wrong.

The following statement is written with the assumption that Ms Ashley is still employed by the school district while also sitting on City Council.  If this is incorrect, you can string me up by my toenails… :smiley:

You chose “Conflict of interest” as the subject of this thread, yet you wonder why she excuses herself when voting on matters that involve her employer? 

Yes.  Ms. Ashley is a school district employee.

I can’t see a possible gain or loss to her personally or a conflict with her employer if she engages in the debate and votes on the matter. Council meetings are after her work day,her private time is her own.
I am curious what other peoples take on the situationis

I think that Ms. Ashley has been erring on the side of caution these last few sessions, I wonder what exactly her instructions have been from city staff regarding what constitutes a conflict of interest.

I’m not so sure she should have stepped aside of recent debates, especially when you look at the most recent council meeting which saw Ms. Bedard vote in the affirmative to join her company and the city in a partnership over flow through monies.

(See today’s Daily News for their votiing chart which shows Ms. Bedard voting in favour of a resolution that impacts her Hecate Strait Business society)

If Councillor Bedard doesn’t have to step aside from the debate over an issue that will directly provide funding for her day job, I don’t see why Counmcillor Ashley should have to step asided whenever School District issues come up.

Maybe I’m wrong on that, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense that one can or choses to vote and the other doesn’t or can’t.

Would be interesting to see what Council describes as a conflict of interest and if these two items cross the line or not.


I believe that Bedard should be called on that vote and the fact that she may be in conflict of interest but then again yes is Ms. Ashley being directed to leave the chamber. I would like to hear what the Mayor thinks about the whole thing. he seems to be fairly silent or are we just still programmed into Pond and always hearing his voice. Ms. Ashley is probably still learning the ropes and she must get into the rope a dope routine hopefully she is not a one issue oerson.

It’s not conflict unless it directly relates to you. If Councillor Ashley’s job is directly affected by something she has to vote on, she should excuse herself–just like any other Councillor.

We vote for these people because of their place in the community, among other things–not in spite of that place.

If all Councillors were to remove themselves from any vote that they’re remotely related to, it would put the Council at a stand-still and render it useless.

Ashley should have voted.
Bedard should not have voted.

Unless Bedard herself would immediately benefit or not benefit from a vote, there’s no reason for her to recuse herself–even if she might eventually benefit from it.

Did you vote? are you not down south, did you come up to vote?

by your own omission; Ashly should have been able to vote then too…

Did you vote? are you not down south, did you come up to vote?[/quote]

I meant “we” as “voters in a democratic society.” I did vote down south, though.

Yes. That’s what I’m saying.

Isn’t Ms. Bedard’s business a non-profit?

Ashley should have voted.
Bedard should not have voted.
Is the assumption that Bedard owns the building SD52 wants to rent?
The building is owned by Tony Monteleon and Joe Ruperto, Bedard was their previous tenant.[/quote]

This is ridiculous! WEAK EXCUSE. If this is the standard for COI in our Council then our Council cannot function the way it was intended. No confidence seems like the next step?

One could argue the point that School District 52 is a non-profit organization as well…

One could argue and I wonder who he will be?

I operated my own business a while  ago,it was definitely non-profit!