Conflict of interest?

So James Vassallo was forced to withdraw his name from the list of candidates due to Conflict of interest. My question is where the conflict fits
in with paper?

I haven’t heard a reason why he withdrew. Why do you say it wa a conflict of interest. Its too bad I think. I was going to vote for him as he really had some good editorials in the paper about civic issues. Showed alot of knowledge.

I got this from him this afternoon.Yeah, I told him well we can continue enjoying your writing and I won’t have to come up with any bad mouth stuff for him.

Of course, it’s conflict of interest, you morons! He’s a reporter. How could we expect him to even pretend to be objective about city issues when he’s on council? It was ridiculous of him to even think about running, unless he decided to quit the paper. It also shows how dim the editor is for thinking keeping Vassallo from working during the campaign would suffice.

How would you know what the editor wanted, oh ye of the one post? You wouldn’t happento be a dim-witted publisher or friend of looking to skew the public voice, would you? SHENANIGANS!

I’m not really thrilled about being called a moron. There are better ways to get your point across, ok?

One could assume that he may be able to report on other than civic issues and still be on council. There is other regional and world news as well as sports. If its a conflict of interest then so be it.

Reporters do not need to be objective the information they provide needs to be objective and provided in an objective manner.

That is all I have to say on this matter.

Yes, no one is ever what they write or portray.

I just read “Plan for Society” . Are you saying that your above quote is accurate in your other posting?


How would you know what the editor wanted, oh ye of the one post? You wouldn’t happento be a dim-witted publisher or friend of looking to skew the public voice, would you? SHENANIGANS![/quote]

To Tricky-J: Actually, I’m no fan of either paper. The weekly seems to be written almost entirely by someone in Terrace, while the Daily doesn’t seem to understand what the word “edit” means and has horrible photos (unless they’re submitted). If you think the Daily is the “public voice,” you must be in Grade 9 or have a personal connection the paper yourself.

And to Fingahz: Yes, you are right. There was no cause for me to call you and Justin Case morons. I apologize. It’s just that unethical media and media bias are among my pet peeves and having a reporter run for council is unethical (unless he quits). Try and imagine if being a reporter was Tony Briglio’s day job.

Erika Rolston quit her post at the World Wildlife Foundation to run for council. I suppose that Vassallo was not willing to make the same sacrifice to dive into politics.

Well let not put Mr.Tony Briglio and Mr.Vassallo on the same page for starters please. As for Ms. Erika Rolston quiting or putting her position aside or on hold may be a positive gesture on the World Wildlife Foundation. There is a difference between Hollinger Canidian Newspaper and WWF.

Gloria Randelle scares me!!!.. I vote herb

Yeah, she does seem a bit scary, could be The Iron Maiden Of the North Coast . We already have Hollywood Herb.

I agree but if Vassallo wanted to be a politician then he should have made the same choice as Rolston.

I was going to vote Herb until I had a chance to find out a little more about Rendell…now she’s getting my vote. Herbs all about being a showman. While city services are being cut and the infrastructure is falling apart, Herb is off at an Offshore Oil Moratorium conference at almost $1000/plate. The conference would do just fine without him. Herb Pond or even the existence of Rupert is not going to dictate whether we have offshore oil drilling here or not. I want someone in the mayors office that has her priorites straight.

There are many names on that list who will never be in politics and will never have what it takes, many are just on there because they are pissed off or just crazy, maybe their wife keeps making them do it, who knows. So I will just say all the best to Erika and also to James.

You have summed up, with amazing accuracy and brevity, the quality of most of the candidates and their reasons for running.

P.S.: Watch Gabe McLean’s wife closely. You’ll see her lips moving slightly when Gabe is speaking.

Maybe some of them are pissed off or crazy. Every single one of them has a right to run for council. I’m wondering, since you mentioned it, what does it take to be a municipal councillor, in your opinion?? Does a person have to be more than an average citizen?? Do you have to be a highly prominent businessman or have an incredible gift of gab?? Its my opinion that every single person nominated has what it takes. Each one of these people has their reasons for running and they all have different attributes that make them unique. Some of them want to strive for different things. It’s the issues that do it for me, not what race, sex, class of person or how much money they have. In high school, the school elections were all about popularity. You’d think that we all would have outgrown that by adulthood.

I hope her hands are always in plain view!

Has anyone noticed how they are just all over town now pushing their buttons and bodys in front of everybody, just give us something that works like a pen and go away.