Condo's on the highway?

Anyone heard about this? Apparently a developer has purchased land out by the bridge near Prudome? The small one that you can only fish off the one side of. They are clearing land to build condo’s. My dad was telling me today he’s heard it from two different people.

If it’s true I can see it making sense. I mean if Rupert saw a population rise of even a few thousand people, where would they all live?


I’ve heard this too, but is it true? Sure the land is being cleared, but does anyone have any confirmation?

Oh, by the way. The pulp mill should be starting up in a few months. :imp:

Is this related / being confused with / in addition to / whatever is going on just before the Port Edward turnoff?  Aren’t there a bunch of lots for sale there?

On a related note… I was more than a little surprised that there is a wikipedia entry for Prudhomme Lake.

I don’t know if it’s related to the other project Mig, but I know it’s not being mistaken for it.


Oh man, this is what me and many others fear; land being cleared for new housing.

Well if it doesn’t cross the city’s mind, there are perhaps hundreds of houses not populated in Rupert. Can’t the city populate like, 20,000 people or something? Why clear land for a possible few thousand new people when we cannot ensure that it will happen?

And why do you say you cant ensure it will happen?

Well first of all… a developer won’t develop a property unless they are pretty damn sure someone is going to move in. That said though… no the city can not handle a population of 20,000 people on the existing housing. There really aren’t that many decent houses for sale around town right now. Not everyone wants to move into a wartime house that they have to renovate.


The area in question belongs to SQCRD or Port Ed…not Rupert
Another thing to consider…where would they get clean water and where would their sewer go? That would be very expensive.

Recycle it all.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Well sewer is easy since they can put in septic tanks. Water might be a little more tricky, but they could try for a well. That or believe it or not there are houses on the outskirts of Prince George that don’t have city water OR a well. They have water storage tanks and get thier water trucked in.


Okay…I’ll believe that when I smell it:-)

Actually, it was really smelly in Port Edward a couple of days ago, perhaps they’re doing something at the mill site?

If it’s a big development well and septic won’t due. They’d have to get on sewer and water from either Port Ed or Prince Rupert.

regarding the condos there not condos there actually million dollar cabins a electrician from victoria has bought the land and got it rezoned so he can start building the cabins apparently he has five german buyers buying in sight unseen and is looking for more buyers and yes there will be municipal water and regular toilets in these cabins port edward has a treatment plant for there sewer and water that looks like bottled water very clean and the development is to be ready for next summer.

lmao I can smell the bullshit already. go to city hall and look for your selves… nothing is being built out there…

Astro… djrothpepper might be on to somethin… he’s got a few more inside sources in Port Ed than the rest of us do.

haha look what i found ,

Ok i stuck my foot in my mouth. I cant believe that, there are bears wolves and other types of wild animals that live there, the bears eat there all the time durring samon season, I can see more complaints regarding the wild life, On a related note, my letter to the editor got the CFTK interested and did a piece on the wolves from Stacey and my perspective, since we have spent 2 to 3 days a week photographing and video taping them. thats on tonight.
We have also started a new website dedicated to them called kaien island wolves it can be found here,

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Nice find Phishy.  :smiley:


Actually, since Rupert’s population prior to the mill troubles and fishing industry collapse was around 16,000, and most estimates have it at under 12,000 now, there are plenty of houses and empty lots to accommodate a few thousand more people moving in (if someone doesn’t want an old war house, they can always build a new one on the lot). That’s the funny thing about everyone calling Rupert a future boom town: all this port thing is going to do is, possibly, put us back where we were in the good ol’ days. It’s not going to make us P.G. or anything.