Concerned citizens appeal to Victoria for assistance on City council issues

The group of concerned citizens, who led the recent citizen’s invasion of City Hall at the last council meeting, have taken a new direction in their quest for accountability from the Mayor and City Council over the Tanalee Hesse hiring.

Not feeling particularly reassured by Council’s decision to have a third party advise them over the issues involved in the Mayors hiring of Ms. Hesse, the citizens group has now asked three different provincial government agencies to weigh in with an opinion…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 6543548186 )-

Concerns were actually raised in Council Chambers in August, but AnnaA came here in August.

I wonder what more the concerned citizens group wants–it’s been less than 3 weeks since they made their presentation–things take time.

Edit: Not to offend you in Podunkian, but I highly doubt this will be significant election issue. I think that most people in Prince Rupert are far more concerned about vandalism, the local economy, dog parks (apparently,) and snow removal. Furthermore, I think that many people who DO identify this as one of their “hot topics” will be people who don’t like Council already, or who don’t like Mayor Pond—as the audience in Council Chambers on September 8th showed.

Well, I don’t get offended too easily and surely not over municipal politics.

However, think of the upcoming election as kind of a portrait gallery, every wall has a different picture of importance, while you are right that the locals are probably upset about vandalism the local economy and such (though snow removal only rears its head up when we actually have snow), I still think that a portion of the campaign will be taken up with matters of ethics, accountability and such down at City Hall.

It will be interesting to watch how much of the debate locally is taken up with the internal happenings at city hall and how much of it addresses the larger issues that need to be discussed in town, such as CityWest, the sluggish economy, increasing taxes and such.

Thanks for the comments, always good to have feedback.

Eccentric, read the resolution that Council passed and you will see that council has asked the foxes to investigate the recent break in at the chicken coop.