Computer to Stereo system?

When I try to hook my computer up to my stereo, the sound comes out very low. What is causing this to happen?

If your Computer is Multi-Channel capable, In example 2.1, 3.1,… 7.1, etc. then it is possible you are plugging your stereo into an output such as “Center, Left Right, … Subwoofer, etc.” which if you are plugging it into a certain output, will give you weird sounding audio (because of the missing audio channels),

if this is the case, or you simply don’t know. just make sure you have your audio settings correct.

Windows XP - go to Control Panel from the Start Menu, then double click on “Sounds And Audio Devices”

which will bring up a box that looks like this -

In the “Speaker Settings” Column, click “Advanced”

another window will pop up which will look like this -

now make sure to pick from the dropbox, the option which applies to your speaker setup.