Computer Games I'd Like to See

(feel free to add your own)

The Sims Unhinged: the stress of living with a bipolar spouse and nympho daughter drives Daddy Sim into a gun-toting tower sniping maniac. On top of that you must guide you Sim thru streets full or roaming lunatics to buy their own meds, and a recurring meteor shower makes all characters turn into temporarily drooling zombies. Never mind your ‘socials’, keep your sanity in the green or the Men with Butterfly nets burst in and it’s game over.

The Sims Uncensored: never mind the wardrobe, pick your genitalia from over 3,000 different selections. Mom’s a hermaphrodite and Daddy’s a 14" uncut pierced transgender? That’s just for starters. And you can make whoopee in more ways than the Kama Sutra imagined. The best part is that ‘cute Sim language’ is highly understandable when they’re doing it! Oh God, Oh God, harder, is pretty much the same in any language.

Sphincter Cell: Tom Clancy would be oh so proud of you as you attempt to stop a (surprise) Muslim terrorist from hijacking a decommissioned Russian boomer sub and driving it right up George Bush’s arse…

You need a girlfriend…

So funny I just need to quote it…

herbie popnecker is a fine chap and i am entertained by his colorful stories and ideas.

I don’t think anybody who is posting on HTMF should be saying that somebody else needs a girlfriend.

Me included.

Reminds me of a certain somebody who made fun of WoW players… during a DoD game.

It was funny,

WoW rules.

I sell you girlfriend, fresh import from mexico, you pay five dollar?

I will tell gf that HTMF feels she is not doing job properly.
That way she will not blame me… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Hm, if I ever told my gf that she was not doing a job properly, but I had to post on a board with the bunch of htmf crew, it wouldn’t be pretty. Although I did break the news to her about Counter-Strike: Source, I explained the human body doesn’t have a good enough video card to support it. She’s okay now.

Good explanation. I will use it if I can pry her away from the Sims. She’s got the better video card.
No she says use the $$ buy a decent vacuum instead of a video card, I’d probably prefer talking to people more than gaming. She likes gaming more than talking. Damn Taurus!