Complete Shite!

National Post Grades Tory Ministers.

[quote]Jim Prentice: A

The Industry Minister hosted an incredibly lucrative auction of cellphone bandwidth to increase competition, produced a reasonable copyright compromise from a no-win scenario and blocked the sale of our subsidized space satellite manufacturer to U.S. interests. If he wasn’t a charisma-challenged Calgary MP, he’d be first in line to claim the top job, already held by a charisma-challenged Calgary MP. [/quote]

A “reasonable copyright compromise” my arse! And a bandwidth sale that brings almost NO competition…

[quote]David Emerson: A

The only one minister who will stand toe-to-toe against Mr. Harper in a showdown and live to declare victory. The former Liberal MP and interim Foreign Affairs Minister can afford to be fearless. A wealthy B.C. businessman plotting his return to the private sector, he couldn’t care less if the Prime Minister sends him to the back row. That’s why he talks to the media and gives them the straight answers. The challenge for the Conservatives is to convince him to seek re-election and find a seat he can win. [/quote]

The loathed Canfor head who went against over 80% of his electorate, backtracked on his softwood stance and has put 12,000 in BC out of work? Who won’t even show his face in B.C…

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