Compass, Northwest Weekly and?

OK, there is a new publication in the Northwest, called the Compass.

And if that weren’t enough, The Northwest Weekly is returning in September.

And this is a rumour, but it is believed former staffers of the NWW are also coming out with some kind of publication.

The Northwest Compass is still run by Rob Ritchie. I was led to believe that the Compass would be taking over the role of the Weekly… but who knows.

I do…

The Northern Compass is an attempt to duck creditors and legal troubles, nothing more. And, if you’ll notice, it didn’t have one decent local story that wasn’t already covered by other media. i doubt the Northwest Weekly will return, there are far too many law suits out there surrounding it including by competitors (former editor Bruce Lantz, etc.), employees, and god knows who else… Beyond which, the NWW was crap and a waste of trees… poor, poor trees… nobody read it before, no one will now if it came back…

The NWW was basically paper-based Spam.

Advertisers paid them to spam us. As with e-mail spam, advertising in the NWW was a waste of time, since nobody actually read the paper.

I haven’t seen the new one, so I can’t really say anything about it. But from the website, it does look more promising. Unlike the NWW, it doesn’t seem to have an ad-story ratio of 20:1.

The reason it may not have that ridiculous ad to story ratio is because those at the NWW screwed over so many people at the end - who would want to advertise with the same lot? I’m thinking it’s a very short lived expirement - they’ve burned way to many bridges…

Yes, some former employees of NWW are indeed coming out with a weekly called LOOK INSIDE. They were in Terrace today to promote it.
I hope they run Rob Ritchie right out of the province. He is not trustworthy and he destroyed a lot of people. I don’t believe for a second that he can actually manage to revive what’s become the biggest publication joke in northern BC. His new “partner” is Bill Parmar and I am doing a dance of hope that Mr. Parmar will give Mr. Ritchie exactly what he deserves - three times over.

and my spamming is done.

I notice the Northwest Weekly website is now a notice from Rob Ritchie announcing the return of the paper. He has formed another company with Bill Parmar and they intend continue with NWW.

To quote “watch for it to hit the streets soon”. That’s probably when people drop it on the ground when they realize it is still crap and only worthy of being a piece of litter.

Northwest Weekly is spam, plain and simple.

They should really be charged with littering. They basically carpet-bomb the northwest with newsprint that nobody wants, full of ads.

The really sad thing is that advertisers are probably sucked in and actually pay to have their poorly designed ads included in the spam. Somebody should point out to the advertisers that nobody actually wants or reads the paper.

I’ll bet that for every 2000 or 3000 copies of the paper, only one is ever opened, usually by accident. Perhaps somebody should actually do a readership survey, to see just how few people open the paper.

“watch it to hit the streets soon” – yup, as thousands of unwanted newsprint spam are thrown away and bounce away, “hitting the streets” …

As for the Northern Compass, I don’t think advertisers are getting the coverage they expect. I haven’t even received one yet, nor have many of my friends. I guess I should be thankful.

If the Northwest weekly is going to be distributed via carpet-bombing spam again, then I’d suggest that they also include Prince Rupert garbage stickers.

That way I don’t have to pay to get rid of the spam that I didn’t ask for…

Or at the very least they should have a list you can call in to put yourself on to NOT get the paper.

In Mig’s honor I suggest they call it the “Do not spam me” list.


Advertisers in Prince Rupert are terribly unaware of what their customers want (or need.) If they throw money into this trash THEY’RE the one’s responsible for the spam getting into our homes. We need to find ways to convince businesses that this so-called demand for the return of the NWW comes from two people: Ritchie and Parmar, who will no doubt use their Rotary club and (in the case of Parmar) Liberal connections to garner ads. What about setting up a page off htmf listing businesses that advertise with the NWW and the number of times they’ve done so - essentially calling for a boycott of these businesses until they cease encouraging this crap to overfill our mailboxes (or blow all around my yard as was the case before … when it actually showed up, of course). We list the number of ads to dictate a response - everyone makes mistakes and if someone does it once or twice they should not be punished as harshly. But regulars don’t get one red cent - even if it means (perish the thought) shopping in Terrace or on-line. If the business agrees to stop encouraging this tripe, their name comes off the list and we come back to them purse strings open. Sounds pretty effective to me. Any thoughts?

Well, that would mean actually opening the Northwest Weekly to see what’s inside. I don’t want to even go that far :wink:

I’m not ready to boycott businesses over something like this. If I get pissed off enough about it I’ll just start returning my copy to NWW. I figure if they can just drop one off at my house I can drop it off back at thier place. :smile:


Nah, make them come pick them up, or send them an invoice for your processing them.

I just noticed a new rant about the NWW on He goes on to say why he thinks the paper failed, and how hopefully the prior employees new paper will go after what they really need; articles and not ads.

If the new papers can succeed in actually following the news, and regional happenings instead of just making advertizers happy, I think they could get a reader-base back. That might take a while though, given the Daily News is really the only local paper that has ever been read here.

What are you doing lurking on that website? I’m amazed that you admitted to such a thing!

It looks like the same poo to me.

  • I read only a tiny bit of it and already found a spelling mistake.
  • Horrible website
  • Bad Ad Design

Hopefully it looks better in print. So far, it does look better than the gross NWW but it still doesn’t look as professional as the Terrace Standard or so many other publications out there.