Compact flash

So, I heard from a couple people that compact flash has a limited number of times you can write to it… anyone know if this is true? or have a link to some article?


Um i have never heard this. I gave you instructions today and you didnt follow them DAMIT!!!

you gave me instructions? on what exactly I was out all day… also a link to this proving its a myth/fact would be great.

google it… and i asked you to email me and i gave you my email address in msn : O )

Any compact flash i’ve seen all have had a 5 year warranty or lifetime warranty. … referid=28%between%
That leads me to believe that they dont have a limited number of time you can write to it.

You can buy this particular one at my store, “Kaien Printer Essentials”, for around $100 + tax.

im just looking at my supplier list here and i can get anything from a 32MB for less than $30 upto a 3GB for $400

hmm so i just noticed that the cards i bought have a lifetime warranty… I guess thats a good sign. I suppose its just a myth but id still like a link :wink:

Well consitering that you have a lifetime waranty, if the card happens to die on you, send it back. I’d dont think that the compant would put such a waranty on it if it wasnt going to last for ever… Problem solved!

[quote]Flash Cell Endurance: Up to 10,000 Multi- Level Cell (MLC) Flash or up to 100,000
Single-Level Cell (SLC Flash) write cycles per physical sector.

According to Toshiba, the inventor of flash memory: “the 10,000 cycles of MLC
NAND is more than sufficient for a wide range of consumer applications, from
storing documents to digital photos. For example, if a 256MB MLC NAND Flashbased
card can typically store 250 pictures from a 4-megapixel camera (a
conservative estimate), its 10,000 write/erase cycles, combined with wear-leveling
algorithms in the controller, will enable the user to store and/or view
approximately 2.5 million pictures within the expected useful life of the card.â€[/quote]

well apparently they do… though i couldnt find a specific reference to “compact flash”

You do realize that a product with a ‘lifetime warranty’ means the lifetime of the product, not your lifetime?
The people who make the product get to determine its lifetime, which usually means when they stop making it and the warehouse has run out of them.
But it does explain the 2 or 3 people a week who try to tell me the 2X CDROM they bought should still be under warranty…

But it does explain the 2 or 3 people a week who try to tell me the 2X CDROM they bought should still be under warranty…[/quote]

LMAO Hahahahahahahah