Coming to town to live the college life

Hey everyone, I’m going to be attending the college in PR, and I was wondering what there is to do for the 18 year old crowd, for drop in sports or anything social. Also I am in need of an apartment, and a job. If you are willing pass on some knowledge, that would be great since I am at the mercy of your comments. :smiley:

Welcome to Prince (used to be imperialist capitalist) Rupert, DPRK.

We have lots of tall 24ft wooden statues here honouring our Great Leader and Eternal President Kim Il-Sung. Our glorious comrades over-consume salmon caviars, wolf, and Hennessey. We also play state-sanctioned golf and strip poker. Be sure to walk on top of the New Baekdu Mountains (formally Hays and Oldfield) as required.

Wearing Kim Jong-il pin from dawn to dusk is also mandatory.

The Kim Jong-il pin sounds pretty sweet, but I thought you would want us to wear something more visible such as a sandwich board, or a big foam finger.

Can’t go wrong with drop-in floor hockey Thursday nights. Usually 9:30 - 11:00pm. Give or take depending on who is working at the Civic Center. (Oh, yeah… the hockey is at the Civic Center Auditorium). League night for Floor Hockey is Sunday. If you come by a Thursday and enjoy yourself, you can sign up for the league, and get in on a 4 person draft if they are doing more of them.

Well, thats about all I can really contribute to this conversation. I am sure there are other sports, but hockey is the main one for me. Oh, and we have Slow Pitch league that starts up in the Spring too.

Two posts in like three days… this is rough work.

Can’t go wrong with bowling!!

Surf and bowl yourself into a zenith of life-apathy!

thanks everyone, are there any ponds around rupert that are good for a game of shinny?

three or four times durring the winter there frozen enough to play on…