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I think its time Stacked Sports and Supplements opened up a real store in Prince Rupert, rather than being run out of my home unsuccessfully!
We’re hopeful that we can reach our goal of opening July, 1, 2009.  In order to do that I’m asking for feedback from Prince Rupert.  I’d like to know what you want carried in our store.

Stacked Sports and Supplements is a provider of sports nutrition and mixed martial arts gear, we also carry a supply of MMA related clothing.  We like to carry the brands and products that until us, could only be found out of town or online.  We also actively promote well made Canadian Products.

We will open within NCMMA (next to Entire Automotive - the old Club Fore spot) in order to provide on site gear and equipment to individuals training in the facility.

So, if there are any brands or products related to the sport of MMA that you would like to see please respond! We will do what we can to bring them in. 

Thank you for time
Stacked Sports

Stacked Sports  :confused:

Isn’t the Club Fore spot way in the back of that building behind the store front? You’ll need some way to draw people in so they notice you’re back there.

Yes we will be located at the back part of the building, the entrance is on the side in the alleyway, we will have sufficient signage so you shouldnt get lost:)

Sooooo, things have changed  :smiley:  rather than renovate the club fore spot we’ve taken over the corner of 4th street and 2nd ave next door to databoy.  Renos are done and the store has opened  :laughing:

You should definately come check out the facelift we gave the place!!

Hi there!

Here at HTMF we wish you the best in your new business venture! 
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Then there is this: … 127.0.html

What you need to do is get some of your product and hang it from a balloon and let it fly across town similar to this stunt: … story.html

I doubt this is an ad. =.=

It wasn’t intentionally an ad…but oh well  :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t sweat it Stacked. I didn’t consider it an ad, just letting everyone know you finally found a location they can go to.

I wish you the best of luck in your business.  :smile:

I got my hands slapped before for a similar offence. I was letting people know about a nice sized geocache that had a nice gift certificate from a local business. oh well eh.

Hey photoguy…Isn’t your signature an advert. for your website on the bottom of all your posts??  :smiley:  LOL  I got my hands slapped once too when I first signed up but that is only fair policy…Gotta have some rules !1

Or not …

i thought that too but left it alone lol

Here’s a deal:  If I get clients who pay me to advertise, can I put that advertisement on your newspaper’s website for free?  If so, then you’re more than welcome to post advertisements from clients that paid you on here.

The geocache people paid you to advertise in the Daily News.  If they want to reach a thousand people a day on HTMF (or 4000 unique people a week) on HTMF, they can pay the Google Adwords rates.  Trust me, it will cost them less than 1% of what they pay you.  It’s probably in your best interests that they not know about this website.

I have no problem with personal advertising on  The reason we don’t want it on HTMF is that when we did allow it, the forum was overrun with classifieds.  So I created so people can post their classified ads on there for free.  They even show up on the HTMF front page.  

That seems fair – free classifieds on the internet, reaching thousands of people for free.  

That’s not the same thing as commercial advertising, especially when people over-pay the Daily News for the exact same advertising.  

If you look around, there are Google Ads all over HTMF.  (look below this post).  They are super cheap.  If you want to buy google ads, you can sign up here:

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