Coming Soon!

Coming soon… to an ice rink near you…

If you live in Prince Rupert.

awesome…but what did you have to do to accomplish this? (come on smartass coments…SATISFY MY HUMOR NEEDS) isnt straight, or is it just a fold in the material?

Why does the i hacking have a dot on top, but the i in main doesnt?

where did you get this done? remind me not to go there

Holy criticize much?

The patch isn’t sewn on yet, it was just layed on there for the picture.  Digital made the patches… we will see if they hold up better than some of the other stuff they have made recently.

The_silent_ruler - it was my 3000 post present… there was a car behind door #2, but I picked #3 :frowning:

damnit!  i TOLD you to pick door #2 but nooOOOOOoooo #3 was SHINIER!!!

Yep, the shiny stuff gets me EVERYTIME! 

Did I ever mention I want shoes with lights in them?  A friend of mine came back from the states with light up shoes and I ALMOST had a coronary at Timmies last night I was so jealous.

we get prizes for 3000 posts… Interesting… ha!

I want jleaman banned :stuck_out_tongue: haha


Fortunately for jleaman it will take you another 3 years to make 3000 posts.

I’d order it from you. Man, that’s a good thing to consider, smartass.

If you get that thing done, and don’t mind If I order it from you, can you put up some shipping details?

There are actually 2 jerseys, one home and one away, and they will be the only ones made with the htmf name bar.  The advertizing is for our ladies hockey team, to offset ice costs and tournament fees.

If you want htmf gear, you’ll have to talk to MiG.

I’ll have one HOME team jersey, of course. Rupert is my hometown, so I shall honour it.

The jerseys aren’t for sale. They are for ME to wear during games.

:frowning: im sorry about your shoe dilemma. So i bought you shoes! but they are realy small… gives them to smartass sry :cry:

How about giving me about an hour or so with it after you’ve worn it in a game. :imp:

ummmmm ew.  Please don’t ref any of our games this season :smiley: 

i call it after poolboy! :smiley:

Very nice, smartass. Great colours too.

he only made the sign…the jersey is for the hockey team i think :smiley: