Coming back to PR for a bit

Hey guys, how’s it going?

So I’ve been away from Rupert for like 2 years now and was wondering - anything special, new or exciting? I was wanting to take in the outdoors with my other half and get the alone time we needed.

All the restaurants that were there still there? One of interest to me is Stardust, they had a Honey Garlic Boneless to die for. Living in various places since I left Rupert made me realize that they have some of the best chinese take-out in the province. I miss it

Oh, I can’t wait, I wanted to check out the Metlakatla walking trail, I heard it was a blast

Stardust is still there the last time I was in Rupert, as with other Chinese restaurants except for New Moon.

Star Dust was recently sold and is now under new management. The same cooks are there, I understand. Mary, my favourite waitress, recently retired.