Come hell or high water china will buy our oil

The prime minister is going to china not to have a sit down and a good photo opp,he said it clear we will
sell our oil to china even if america does not like it,they are willing to pay 40 dollers more per
barrell then
the americans and they have trillions in cash.The chinees govt has put billions into the oil sands in alberta
with china petro and beleive me they have plans for that oil,the first nations are going to be offerd so much
money they wont be able to say no,alberta has 80 trillion dollers worth of oil thats a hell of alot of money
and you think they are going to say no to a country like china who will pay cash up front,lets get real folks
lets work together with all the parties and we all will win and canada will be on top of the world.

why not just run the pipeline north to the Arctic?.. It will be free of ice soon enough… I’m sorry but in my opinion the environment wins out against money… I refuse to sell my identity for any amount of money… and I’m certain that the first nations in our area feel the same.

I am definately against oil travelling anywhere near our coast, but I will also say, that the First Nations are nowhere near a certainty.

“borrowed” from The Tyee ;

Bitumen, the world’s most expensive hydrocarbon, now costs between $85 and $102 a barrel to produce. It takes $8 billion to put a million barrels of oil a day into a pipeline in the Middle East. In contrast, extreme bitumen requires an investment of at least $45 billion to grow the same volume of bitumen plus another $100 billion for upgrading the heavy crude. As a consequence the mega-project is highly vulnerable to volatile global petroleum price swings, improbable events and disruptive technologies.

Moreover the world’s economic crisis is directly related to the high cost of oil. In 2007 the Canadian Parliament recommended that Ottawa conduct rigorous cumulative impact and socio-economic assessments of the oil sands (Recommendation 11). Why has the Conservative government repeatedly failed to do a basic economic risk assessment on expanding the world’s most expensive and difficult oil source in a stagnating global economy?

If anyone is naive enough to believe that Harper and his Govt are serious about Environmental concerns relating to the Enbridge pipe proposal,then they should give there head one serious shake…
They are beholden to the interests of the Big Oil companies,and will sacrifice anything that gets in there way…
Here is a good recent article about just how much they think about the environmental regulations concerning the Oil sands in Alberta…many years wasted,and still more of the same old…
Makes one wonder,who,s dirtier,the politicians or the Tar Sands…

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pipeline is coming. It will be rammed straight up everyones asses. Harper will not allow his buddies to not get richer. No matter how much we protest its coming.